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Coalition told to apologise over boat saga – Michael West

Morrison’s term was more Jones Town than Government

The federal coalition should “hang their head in shame” after an inquiry found public servants were pressured to reveal an asylum seeker boat arrival on election day, Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil says.

Source: Coalition told to apologise over boat saga – Michael West

Old Dog Thought- Morrison stole 4 mill Pfizer vaccines destined for the poor effectively hand-balling his supply delay to them. Then calling the scam “his leadership” in effect “our shame”.

May be an image of 4 people and text that says 'Craig Emerson @DrCraigEmerson aibtt Our PM said today: "Ultimately everything is state matter." He the first PM in Australia's history to declare the position of Australian PM redundant.'

Fighting Fake News with REAL; 6/9/21; Morrison a PM for himself; His Pfizer Scam; Murdoch’s reversal brought on by advertisers;

‘Moral outrage’: Wealthy nations will have 1.2 billion vaccine doses they don’t need

The vaccine stockpiles in rich countries are growing rapidly, while many countries are missing out.

Morrison grabbed 4 million Pfizer doses the wealthy nations like the UK and Singapore no longer needed calling it “a loan”. He actually Insured our pain, his failure in supply of vaccines to us will be felt by the lower income regions. Morrison’s delay will now be theirs as in effect he’s jumped the queue. While he’s claiming hero status he’s doing what Trump did. In an effort to boost himself he’s  growing and magnifying Australia’s shame.

London: Wealthy countries face mounting pressure to divert COVID-19 vaccine supplies to lower-income regions, with a new analysis showing they’ll likely have about 1.2 billion extra doses available by the end of the year.

Source: ‘Moral outrage’: Wealthy nations will have 1.2 billion vaccine doses they don’t need