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Old Dog Thought- When a Do-Nothing Salesman runs a country of Alternative Facts. NSW shows us the way and rescue was never a promised warranty for putting on an Australian uniform

Illustration: John Shakespeare

Fighting Fake News with REAL 22/8/21 When A Do-Nothing is Captain of the Team; NSW leads the way; Morrison’s Rescue System; Morrison’s Australia is a Global Time Warp;

This is how the world really sees Morrison’s Australia

Suddenly, I heard an Australian accent. On the screen I saw General Angus Campbell standing alongside a map of Australia with a line crossed through it, like a no-smoking sign, broadcasting the menacing messages of Operation Sovereign Borders. I cringed: while I was enjoying unconditional hospitality in my host’s country, an advertisement paid for by my tax dollars warned Sadikalar that he would never be welcome in mine. It was illustrative of a tendency of our government, particularly since the Coalition’s 2013 victory, to both figuratively and literally broadcast images of Australia to the world that diminish our standing.

Source: This is how the world really sees Morrison’s Australia

What goes around – » The Australian Independent Media Network

In Morrison’s Australia apparently it is acceptable (according to News Corp) that

the Home Affairs Minister personally intervened to help the nannies of wealthy and powerful friends dodge immigration rules and enter the country without hassle.

while he has refused the application of a Tamil family from Biloela whose only crimes were paying taxes, fitting into the community and bringing up their Australian born kids. Dutton’s Department has shipped the family off to Christmas Island (via Melbourne) while a legal case to keep this family in the country is being fought by the Morrison Government.

Makes you proud of the quiet Australians, doesn’t it?

via What goes around – » The Australian Independent Media Network