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Scott Morrison’s war plan for Kooyong

The LNP Government is dragging the innocent in to try to save themselves(ODT)

On 17 August 2019, The Age newspaper reported that the Prime Minister had announced at a Liberal State Council meeting that there will be an

‘assault on the “shady” activist group GetUp, including fresh action that could curb its vast campaigning and fundraising potential.’

GetUp was active in Kooyong during the last election. Morrison’s sudden crackdown on GetUp is probably also in preparation for a possible new election for the seat.

Section 44(i) has certainly become a revelation to the nation for the uncivil way in which some elected members of parliament are willing to act.

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Frydenberg caught out on citizenship lie

Frydenberg told a deliberate porky to Parliament because there is no way – unless he is a compete dill, which he is not – that he did not see the same documents as Tony Magrathea before he put pen to paper.

So he knew about these when he completed his Qualification Checklist.

Lawyer Trevor Poulton threatened to bring an s44 challenge to Josh’s eligibility on the grounds that, because Frydenberg’s mother was a Hungarian citizen, Josh might have a right to Hungarian privileges. Fair question.

Well, our PM went ballistic, spitting righteous indignation from every orifice in his head plus one:

“I’ll tell you what it’s a time to draw a line on, and it’s anti-Semitism. I mean, the scourge of anti-Semitic graffiti that we’ve seen in Melbourne just this year, it is absolutely sickening and disgraceful. And for a Holocaust denier and an anti-Semite to seek to progress that agenda by pretending to have some sort of constitutional purity on Josh Frydenberg, I’m just going to call it out for what it is. And I think Australians… I think they would share that. Anti-Semitism has no place in this country.”

Poor old Trev once wrote a book titled ‘The Holocaust Denier’. I haven’t read it and I doubt the tongue-speaker in chief has either. A flick through the Amazon review indicates there is no actual denying going on apart from a character who is a denier. And I’m not talking fabric weight.

Morrison’s indignation is a total furphy.

Frydenberg misled Parliament.

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Rulz is Rulz whether you are Joe Blow, Jill Dill or PM of Australia!

I am starting to think that when Mr Abbott promised us a “grown up” government, instead of “responsible adult” government he actually meant he would treat us citizens like children, responding to unwanted scrutiny with that most hated parent refrain, “because I said so…” that will drive a kid to their bedroom in fury and frustration, normally with bonus door slamming.

That is just not good enough. It is not “ridiculous” to want proof and be assured that our Prime Minister – be it this one or any MP in future who aspires to the top job in our nation while Article 44(i) of the Constitution is on the books – is a “law-abiding” citizen who legally deserves to be in the position of Prime Minister of this nation.

I might be only a punter but I try to teach my kids that Rulz is Rulz! — whether you are Joe Blow, Jill Dill or Prime Minister of Australia.

The strange and suspicious case of Tony Abbott’s citizenship


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The strange and suspicious case of Tony Abbott’s citizenship.

Why has there been so much serious stonewalling over this issue

the law is perfectly clear on the matter. How is it a compter has been hacked and why is Peta Credlin involved?