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Scott Morrison’s war plan for Kooyong

The LNP Government is dragging the innocent in to try to save themselves(ODT)

On 17 August 2019, The Age newspaper reported that the Prime Minister had announced at a Liberal State Council meeting that there will be an

‘assault on the “shady” activist group GetUp, including fresh action that could curb its vast campaigning and fundraising potential.’

GetUp was active in Kooyong during the last election. Morrison’s sudden crackdown on GetUp is probably also in preparation for a possible new election for the seat.

Section 44(i) has certainly become a revelation to the nation for the uncivil way in which some elected members of parliament are willing to act.

via Scott Morrison’s war plan for Kooyong

Slipper not guilty as the political wind changes: Murdoch media keeps telling of Abbott’s great loyalty to friends Slipper was thrown under a train. MPs with their noses in the trough savedfor loyalty. Now they are targeting Triggs. Abbott juggles grenades with nothing left to lose.He’s never been a front runner but he’s not shy of blackmail for loyalty.He had Hanson jailed

Slipper not guilty as the political wind changes.