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In Epochal Shift, California Votes for 100% Green Electricity by 2045

Murdoch Media tells Australia it’s too difficult too expensive too painful. It seems we are being scammed. (ODT)

Since California if it were a country would have the world’s fifth largest economy, and since so many other states are economically integrated with it, this plan, if signed by governor Jerry Brown, could help transform the entire country.

The goal is less difficult than it seems on the surface. California had already committed to getting one third of its electricity from renewables by 2020, and reached that goal in 2017. It committed to getting 50% of its electricity from renewables by 2030, and in fact will likely reach that goal 10 years early, in 2020.

Europe just reached a milestone of one million electric vehicles on the road. Chinese bought 600,000 or so just last year. California is set to become a leader in this area, as well.

California is showing us where the whole country is going, even if some states will take longer to get there. But likely it also will be a big influencer for the whole Pacific Rim. Can Japan really continue its natural gas + nuclear electricity mix once California has shown how easily renewables can supply all our needs? Moreover, California’s efforts will synch with those of China, in ways that will create synergies and thwart Trump’s fossil fuel obsession.

California will save enormous amounts of money by going to green energy, but more importantly, it will rapidly reduce carbon dioxide emissions and show others how to do it, putting a brake on the runaway greenhouse gases that threaten the stability of our natural ecosystems on earth. California is one of the more vulnerable states to the climate crisis.

via In Epochal Shift, California Votes for 100% Green Electricity by 2045

California marijuana dispensaries open to recreational buyers for first time – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

A close-up photo shows someone counting through money to buy marijuana.

Key points:

  • Marijuana has been legal for medicinal purposes in California since 1996
  • New Year’s Day marked the first time it was able to be bought and sold for recreational use
  • Confusion over licensing laws has left dispensaries around the state in limbo

via California marijuana dispensaries open to recreational buyers for first time – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Take that, Trump! 5% of California New Car Sales now Electric | Informed Comment

Already, 22% of California’s electricity comes from renewable sources, and lawmakers are considering legislation requiring the state to be 100% green in its power by 2045.It isn’t just California that is swinging into action as the president retreats from our responsibility to avoid climate disaster. Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont will jointly cut power plant emissions by 30% between 2020 and 2030.

Source: Take that, Trump! 5% of California New Car Sales now Electric | Informed Comment

California Breaks Record After Getting 81 Percent Of Energy From Renewables | IFLScience

While Trump et al. continue to do all they can to trash the environment and pretend climate change isn’t happening, certain US states continue to forge the

Source: California Breaks Record After Getting 81 Percent Of Energy From Renewables | IFLScience

Solar hits big, brief milestone in California – SFGate

The administration used data from the California Independent System Operator, which manages the electricity grid across 80 percent of the state and part of Nevada. Between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. on March 11, almost 40 percent of the electricity flowing across the ISO grid came from large-scale solar power plants, a record. […] homes and businesses in the area served by the ISO grid now have enough rooftop solar panels of their own to generate up to 5.4 gigawatts of electricity. Factor in the electricity they produced for their owners on March 11, and solar met half of the overall electricity demand in the middle of the day, the administration estimates. Add in electricity generated by wind farms, geothermal plants, biomass plants and small hydroelectric dams, and together, renewable sources briefly accounted for 56.7 percent of all power on the grid on March 23, said ISO spokesman Steven Greenlee. The surge in renewable power, while a key part of California’s fight against climate change, does create its own set of problems. Plants burning fossil fuels use that heat to generate steam, which then runs through a turbine to produce electricity. The flood of midday solar power has even caused wholesale electricity prices in California to periodically drop below $0 per megawatt-hour. In the long term, many analysts say California will need affordable large-scale energy storage technologies to meet its 50 percent renewable energy target.

Source: Solar hits big, brief milestone in California – SFGate

In Boon for EVs, Solar Panels, California will roll back CO2 Emissions to 40% Below 1990 | Informed Comment

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) | – – The California legislature worked on a carbon dioxide emissions reduction bill …

Source: In Boon for EVs, Solar Panels, California will roll back CO2 Emissions to 40% Below 1990 | Informed Comment

When the 1% have bought the government

Californian Initiative Could Force Politicians To Wear Their Corporate Sponsors’ Logos


Californian Initiative Could Force Politicians To Wear Their Corporate Sponsors’ Logos

December 31st, 2015 | by CoNN

Corporations and banks have long ruled the roost. The government has assisted in their looting of funds meant for the disabled. Politicians themselves have admitted that “billionaires have basically bought the…

Global Warming Worsens California Drought as July Becomes Hottest Month on Record

Image result for California drought


Scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released a report Thursday showing that July was Earth’s hottest month on record. Nine of the 10 hottest months since record keeping began in 1880 have occurred since 2005. Climatologists also expect 2015 to be the hottest year on record. This news comes as scientists from Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory released a report that shows that global warming has worsened the California drought, now entering its fourth year. This new study is the first to estimate the extent to which rising temperatures are affecting the loss of moisture from plants and soil, and suggests that within a few decades continually increasing temperatures and resulting moisture losses will push California into a permanent drought by 2060. We discuss the report and the impact of the findings with the study’s lead author, Park Williams, a bioclimatologist at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.

California Set To Give Solar Panels To Low-Income Families For Free


  • By using money raised by the government to help fight global warming, the grid alternative project is aiming to get polluting companies to pay for putting solar panels on the roofs of  homes that cannot afford to do it themselves. This effort will install home solar arrays in disadvantaged neighborhoods, using $14.7 million raised through California’s cap and trade system for reining greenhouse gas emissions.

    The program was first introduced by California state senator Keven de Leon, who spoke at a recent solar panel even say, “I introduced SB 535 in 2011 to ensure that our disproportionately impacted communities benefit from investments in clean energy. These investments will bring energy savings, quality jobs, and environmental benefits where they are needed most.”

    In order to qualify, homeowners must be located in a “disadvantaged” neighborhood, as defined by state guidelines. They must also be earning 80% or less than the area’s median income per household.

    “These investments will bring energy savings, they’ll bring quality jobs, and they’ll also bring environmental benefits where they’re needed the most,” said state Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León, D-Los Angeles, who wrote the 2012 law.

    By using 10% of this money on solar panels it is like killing two birds with one stone; you save lower income families money, while also making big fossil fuel polluting companies help cut energy emissions in the state.

    “We envision a world where families, regardless of income, can have access to clean power and bills they can afford,” Mackie said. “For us we are really about solutions and it’s about solving a problem one family at a time, one rooftop at a time.”

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