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‘Orangutans’ Means ‘People of the Forest’

In October, the head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Kristalina Georgieva, told a town hall of civil society organisations in Washington, D.C., that the IMF “is indeed supporting biodiversity. For instance, we have economists that are able to measure the monetary value of an elephant and the value of a whale.”

Georgieva’s comments echo an observation made by Karl Marx in volume one of Capital (1867):

“In England, women are still occasionally used instead of horses for hauling canal boats, because the labour required to produce horses and machines is an accurately known quantity, while that required to maintain the women of the surplus-population is below all calculation.”

What is the monetary value of an orangutan, let alone the survival of the planet? The ruling class might be able to calculate those values, but it is clear that they are unwilling to foot the bill to save the planet.

Source: ‘Orangutans’ Means ‘People of the Forest’

Environment: Cherish old trees, rivers and birds

A Wombat forages for food at sunset Australia. October 22nd was World Wombat Day.

In a delightfully written article, Jared Farmer, a professor of history, eulogises about the benefits of ancient trees not only for the environment but also for humans: ‘They inspire long-term thinking and encourage us to be sapient. They engage our deepest faculties: to revere, analyze and meditate. If we can recognize how they call upon our ethical imperative to care for them, then we should slow down climate change now, and pay forward to people who will need a future planet with chronodiversity as well as biodiversity.’

Source: Environment: Cherish old trees, rivers and birds

Old Dog Thought- How is it Morrison’s and Barnaby Joyce’s LNP are not about preserving Fossil Fuels but expanding their extraction by an increasingly automated industry intent on saving costs and maximizing profits by minimizing jobs and most cases leaving a trashed landscape behind on our ONE PLANET

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NSW Bushfires Wipe Out Half Of Koala Colony, Threaten More | HuffPost Australia

NSW Bushfires Wipe Out Half Of Koala Colony, Threaten

Bushfires have wiped out about half the koalas living on a coastal reserve in New South Wales, experts estimated on Friday, as a record number of intense fires rage around the Australian state.

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A report claims koalas are ‘functionally extinct’ – but what does that mean?


Today the Australian Koala Foundation announced they believe “there are no more than 80,000 koalas in Australia”, making the species “functionally extinct”.

The term “functionally extinct” can describe a few perilous situations. In one case, it can refer to a species whose population has declined to the point where it can no longer play a significant role in their ecosystem. For example, it has been used to describe dingoes in places where they have become so reduced they have a negligible influence on the species they prey on.

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