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Jimmy Carter: How Marjorie Taylor-Greene is damaging his legacy

Marjorie Taylor Greene and Jimmy Carter are both from Georgia. That’s where the similarities end.

Time magazine hailed the “new south” on its cover, saying Carter had triumphed over the south’s “demagogic past” and Confederate ghosts. Now, thanks to the likes of Trump and Greene, we’re back in the toxic soup.

Source: Jimmy Carter: How Marjorie Taylor-Greene is damaging his legacy

Opinion | How the Corporate Takeover of American Politics Began | Common Dreams

The model dates back to EIC or The British East India Company the first speculative share-for-profit company formed to commercialise war. Within 50 years it had grown, controlled and taken the wealth of nations. India and China constituted well over 25% of the world’s trade, At one time the company even had 25% of British MPs in its pocket.

When almost bankrupt after failing to pay taxes, it was the first organisation deemed too big to fail, so it became a government-owned public/private partnership under the protection of the British government. India’s famine and the opium wars with China required EIC to look for new territories to plunder and rapaciously profit from. So it turned its eye to the Americas where it had been slave trading. However, the multicultural colonies wouldn’t have a bar of what had been done to India and fought for and won their Independence from the British effort and Company. The East India Company gave us the birth to and the model of the systemic structure called the Corporation. It had set the standard of a system of no physical body or soul to punish With no identifiable owner only an office and shareholder list they were free to do what they wanted and did.

Corporations regularly outspend labor unions and public interest groups during election years. And too many politicians in Washington represent the interests of corporations — not their constituents. As a result, corporate taxes have been cut, loopholes widened, and regulations gutted.

Source: Opinion | How the Corporate Takeover of American Politics Began | Common Dreams

The Most Important Battle of Our Lifetimes | The Smirking Chimp

Indeed, the two threats – one, from an increasingly authoritarian-fascist Republican Party; the second, from ever-larger amounts of corporate and billionaire money in our campaigns and elections – are two sides of the same coin. Americans who know the system is rigged against them and in favor of the moneyed interests, are more likely to give up on democracy and embrace an authoritarian fascist demagogue who pretends to be on “their side.”The battle to preserve and protect American democracy is the most important battle of our lifetimes. If we win, there is nothing we cannot achieve. If we lose, there is nothing we can achieve

The Most Important Battle of Our Lifetimes | The Smirking Chimp

The emerging Paramilitary Wing of the Republican Party

The emerging Paramilitary Wing of the Republican Party

From Arizona, where state Sen. Wendy Rogers spoke approvingly of hanging political enemies at a white nationalist rally, to Oklahoma, where the GOP chair and candidate for Congress talked about putting Anthony Fauci in front of a firing squad, Republicans are frequently musing about committing violence against their political opponents.

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Why American Politics Remains Haunted by the Former Guy | The Smirking Chimp

If he runs for re-election in 2024, it will be to rescue and redeem his nation — and once again make himself the center of America’s angry divisiveness. His megalomaniacal ego wants the nation to come apart over him. That millions of dollars are still being spent invoking him in political campaigns – both in support and against candidates – must delight him no end. But unless he is prevented from running again, America may still come apart over him.

Source: Why American Politics Remains Haunted by the Former Guy | The Smirking Chimp

The Week of Two High-Stakes Games of Chicken | The Smirking Chimp

This week, two high-stakes games of chicken. The first is between Senate Democrats and Senate Republicans over raising the debt ceiling and extending funding the government beyond Thursday.

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Covid is facing a resurgence in the US, and so is Trumpian politics | Robert Reich | The Guardian

Trump continues to stage rallies for his avid followers as he did last weekend in Phoenix, where he declared, “Our nation is up against the most sinister forces … This nation does not belong to them, this nation belongs to you.” Wrong. America belongs to all of us. And we all have a responsibility to protect its public health and its democratic institutions. The real sinister force is the Trump Republicans’ cynical exploitation of lies and anti-scientific rubbish to divide and divert us. Months ago, it seemed as if this darkness was behind us. It is not.

Source: Covid is facing a resurgence in the US, and so is Trumpian politics | Robert Reich | The Guardian

Michelle Wolf has nothing to apologise for. Her critics do, though | Arwa Mahdawi | Opinion | The Guardian

sarah huckabee

Let me tell you a few deplorable things that happened in America this weekend. Nearly 43 million people woke up in poverty in the richest country in the world. And 3.2 million Americans woke up without health insurance. A further 36 people died because of gun violence, bringing the total number of gun deaths in the US this year to 4,627.

via Michelle Wolf has nothing to apologise for. Her critics do, though | Arwa Mahdawi | Opinion | The Guardian

RNC Warns Candidates “Don’t Drink The Water” While In Michigan



DETROIT – (CT&P) – The Associated Press is reporting that an emergency RNC memo has been circulated to all the Republican candidates participating in tonight’s debate in Detroit. The memo purportedly warns the candidates and their staffs against drinking any tap water during their visit to Michigan.

“We wanted to warn all the campaigns about the dangers of drinking water processed anywhere within the State of Michigan,” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. “The fiasco in Flint has been well documented, but what people may not know is that Tea Bagging bastard Snyder has wreaked havoc all over Michigan. He’s an environmentalist’s nightmare.

“We’re mainly concerned about Trump and Rubio. Those two dummies can ill afford to lose any more brain cells. Kasich already knows better, and we’re led to understand that Cruz only drinks human blood.”

The report from the AP has raised eyebrows with pundits across the country, particularly since only last week all the Republican candidates for president signed a pledge to abolish the EPA, repeal the Clean Water Act, loosen restrictions on the dumping of carcinogens and radioactive waste into rivers and streams, and to generally screw poor people whenever they get the chance.


McConnell Threatens To Destroy Tokyo



WASHINGTON, D.C. – (CT&P) – During an interview with Fox News couch tumor Steve Doocy this morning, Senate Majority Leader and behemoth reptile Mitch McConnell threatened Tokyo with “utter and complete destruction” if President Obama had the audacity to nominate a replacement for Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who recently assumed room temperature.

McConnell told Doocy that “never in the history of the United States” has a president been allowed to nominate a justice during the last three years of his term.

“The constitution only allows presidents to nominate judges during their first year in office,” said McConnell, as he consumed a large pine tree outside his Louisville office. “Everyone knows the rules, and the fact that Obama is willing to flout them like this just proves that he is in fact the Antichrist. If he dares to make a nomination, I promise I’ll lay waste to Tokyo and move on from there.”

McConnell’s threats were taken seriously by the Japan Self-Defense Forces, who immediately went on alert and started lining up antiquated tanks and rocket launchers along the shores of Tokyo Bay.

“We have to take these threats seriously,” said General Tojo Yamamoto of the JSDF. “McConnell’s tough outer shell and leathery skin make him almost impervious to conventional weapons. We may have to call in other monsters such as Ted Cruz or even Michele Bachmann in order to stop him.”

Until now McConnell has been satisfied to merely lumber onto to Pennsylvania Avenue and stop traffic in all directions to satisfy his unquenchable thirst for obstruction. However, these new threats mark a willingness to up the ante and destroy every in his path in order to get his way.

The Obama Administration so far has not been willing to use “the nuclear option” to destroy McConnell, but with Tokyo and other major cities under threat of annihilation this may change.

“We don’t want to nuke him,” said White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, “but when you’re dealing with a throwback from the early Jurassic period, you have to keep all your options open.”