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Fear mongering about climate change mitigation by the Liberals, the IPA and mining/coal lobbyists is not based on evidence or the examples of nation-states on this planet. Climate change disharmony (evidenced by increasing global heatwaves, and abnormal climate events) on the other hand, are increasingly apparent. Scientists and experts at these conferences have for decades repeatedly warned us, time is running out, and we need to act soon and fervently. If big business lobbying and political ideology are all that stands in the way of averting a climatic breakdown, then we as Australians need to vote out of office anyone who even remotely risks the future of our planet, in preference for greed and power.

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NSW 100 per cent in drought: minister

Andrew Bolt’s denial was obvious in his editorial stating ” this is normal Australia” “The Big Lie” was his “Big Wet” half a graphic story which is just ” Big BS”. Climate Change is real generations of farmers know it’s real. Bolt’s ignorance his denial and we have seen more rain than ever been seen before. He showed a graphic that ignored the reality of two states. (ODT)

The entire state of NSW has been declared in drought after a drier-than-expected June and July.

According to the NSW Department of Primary Industries, 61 per cent of NSW is either in drought or intense drought, while nearly 39 per cent is drought affected.

“The forecast suggests an increase of drier than normal conditions for the next three months across the majority of NSW.”

Mr Blair assured farmers and the community that the government would “stand with them through this challenging time and continue to make sure we have the right support available”.

 NSW 100 per cent in drought: minister

The NSW government has announced more than $1 billion in drought relief measures, which include transport subsidies, waivers on farming costs, further bolstering the Farm Innovation Fund, animal welfare measures and mental health support, the statement said.


Will heatwave shift thinking by climate change deniers?


Could the heat and extreme weather shift climate change denial?

Could the heat and extreme weather shift climate change denial?

Extreme heatwaves, droughts, raging fires. What we are observing is climate change in action. The debate is over.

  • by Nick Miller

The Global Warming Policy Forum in Britain has striven greatly to sow doubt on climate science and counted high-profile politicians in its ranks. It has hosted former prime ministers Tony Abbott and John Howard. The former said climate change, if it existed, was “probably doing good” and the latter dismissed global warming as a “religion” and the “latest progressive cause”.

“It just doesn’t make sense any more in 2018 and, in the middle of this summer, it just isn’t good enough any more to just frame the debate ‘is climate change real?’

“If you ask an adult of 30 years or older how was it like when you were young, they can tell the difference themselves. It’s the same story all around the world.” and we can  all now observe it.

“As long as the BBC and other media give the impression that there is any significant doubt about this … then people won’t take action.”

 It’s part of a bigger trend: extremists have weaponised free speech, insisting on platforms to publicly debate the absurd, to spread conspiracy theories and clog up sane debate. Any move to ignore them is branded censorship.

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Maths illiteracy has led to Trump and Brexit: Eddie Woo

Why Climate Change Deniers are thick as brocks

“We’ve just had major election results that stem directly from mathematical illiteracy, because people don’t have the mathematical wherewithal to understand the statistics they’re being fed,” Mr Woo said.

“They look at them and say, ‘Well OK, sure, I don’t know any better.’ The fact that climate change denial can survive has a direct causal relationship with mathematical illiteracy.”

Mr Woo was a top 10 finalist for this year’s $1 million Global Teacher Prize, which was awarded to British arts and textiles teacher Andria Zafirakou in Dubai on Sunday.

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Tropical triple threat: Irma followed by Hurricanes Katia & Jose — RT America


Two other giant storms – Katia and Jose – have grown to hurricane levels, and now trail the calamitous Category 5 Hurricane Irma, which has battered the Caribbean and is headed toward the southern coast of Florida.

Source: Tropical triple threat: Irma followed by Hurricanes Katia & Jose — RT America

Greenpeace Exposes Academics Hired To Deny Climate Change | IFLScience

Climate change is the most serious issue facing humanity today. Rising sea levels threaten not only developing nations; some U.S. cities are already doomed to sink beneath the waves.

Source: Greenpeace Exposes Academics Hired To Deny Climate Change | IFLScience

Washington Post’s George Will Attacks Pope Francis’ “False” And “Reactionary” Ideas On Climate Science, Inequality | Blog | Media Matters for America

Source: Washington Post’s George Will Attacks Pope Francis’ “False” And “Reactionary” Ideas On Climate Science, Inequality | Blog | Media Matters for America

Poll: Most Americans don’t want a climate denier in the White House The majority of Americans support candidates who support climate action, a New York Times survey found

Poll: Most Americans don't want a climate denier in the White House

Potential 2016 candidates had better listen up: The majority of American voters don’t just want someone who acknowledges the reality of man-made climate change — they want someone who’s going to do something about it.

That’s the headline finding of a new poll, conducted by the New York Times, Stanford University and nonpartisan environmental research group Resources for the Future. A 78 percent majority of Americans — including 48 percent of Republicans —  said they think the federal government should be doing something to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

Even more significantly, two-thirds of the respondents said they’d be more more likely to vote for candidates who campaign on climate action. Again, that included 48 percent of Republicans. The same numbers, more or less, said they’d be less likely to vote for someone who thinks “the science on global warming is a hoax and is an attempt to perpetrate a fraud on the American people.”

The results may come as a surprise to those used to hearing the rhetoric of Republican leaders who think that climate change is a gigantic fraud perpetrated on the American people, but they’re not the first to suggest that the American public is far less divided on climate change than partisan politics would leave us to believe. A survey released last summer by the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication found that registered voters are 2.5 times more likely to support a candidate who supports climate action, and three times less likely to support someone who doesn’t. When the researchers further broke down respondents’ ideologies, they found that it was the most conservative Republicans who didn’t believe that climate change was happening or that we should do anything about it, while the views of moderate and liberal Republicans were largely similar to Democrats’. Another Yale survey from just this month found that a 56 percent majority of Republicans support regulating carbon dioxide as a pollutant — and this time, 54 percent of conservative Republicans were on board, too.

In the Times poll, 47 precent of Republicans did say they think climate action will hurt the economy. But maybe we’re all coming around to realizing that inaction will hurt in the long-run: 61 percent of Republicans, and 81 percent of Americans overall, said they believe that if we do nothing to reduce emissions, global warming will become a serious problem in the future.