NSW 100 per cent in drought: minister

Andrew Bolt’s denial was obvious in his editorial stating ” this is normal Australia” “The Big Lie” was his “Big Wet” half a graphic story which is just ” Big BS”. Climate Change is real generations of farmers know it’s real. Bolt’s ignorance his denial and we have seen more rain than ever been seen before. He showed a graphic that ignored the reality of two states. (ODT)

The entire state of NSW has been declared in drought after a drier-than-expected June and July.

According to the NSW Department of Primary Industries, 61 per cent of NSW is either in drought or intense drought, while nearly 39 per cent is drought affected.

“The forecast suggests an increase of drier than normal conditions for the next three months across the majority of NSW.”

Mr Blair assured farmers and the community that the government would “stand with them through this challenging time and continue to make sure we have the right support available”.

 NSW 100 per cent in drought: minister

The NSW government has announced more than $1 billion in drought relief measures, which include transport subsidies, waivers on farming costs, further bolstering the Farm Innovation Fund, animal welfare measures and mental health support, the statement said.