PM denies attacking 2007 preselection rival’s Lebanese ethnicity

Does Morrison even play Cricket? After the past 3 years who do you believe the man who says he “was chosen by God” “doesn’t lie” or legally binding Stat decs signed to say ScuMo used Racism and Ethnicism to gain pre-selection in his want to be a politician? The LNP used similar tactics when attacking  Africans in Australia Dutton never really mentioning the fact that like Lebanese they were in the main Christians and even more educated than the average Australian. It may have been done publicly by Peter Dutton but Morrison was his leader and said nothing.

The Prime Minister has again rejected claims he made racist comments during a 2007 preselection battle for his NSW lower house seat of Cook. Outgoing Liberal Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells last week made the accusations under parliamentary privilege, claiming Scott Morrison told party members they couldn’t have a Lebanese person as a candidate. The Sydney Morning Herald on Saturday published details from two statutory declarations signed in 2016 about the 2007 preselection campaign. The declarations claim Mr Morrison said the Liberal Party should not back his main opponent because of his Lebanese background and rumours he was a Muslim. Mr Morrison on Wednesday denied Senator Fierravanti-Wells’ initial accusations, labelling the comments as “rubbish”.

Source: PM denies attacking 2007 preselection rival’s Lebanese ethnicity

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