God I love Australians : Kay Lee says it all. For the second time in my life I got angry about politics the first was when I knew “It’s Time”


We are an apathetic bunch who would rather watch sport than talk politics.  We would rather have a barbie than a bi-election.  We would rather go to the beach than the polling booth.  But push us too far and bear the consequences, as Campbell Newman found out this evening and as Dennis Napthine found out a few weeks ago.

I am 57 years old (same as Tony) and I have always had a passing interest in politics but, until Tony Abbott became LOTO, I was never passionate about it.  He changed all that.  Tony made me realise that I had to get off my bum and do something to help protect my country from the pillage and plunder that he is proposing.

I am just a middle aged woman in jammies but I cannot sit back and watch my country sold off to the highest bidder.  In fact it isn’t even the highest bidder who necessarily gets the nod.

Tony Abbott views our assets as his to distribute to his mates as he pleases.  He gives jobs to friends like Christmas presents like offering his close personal friend, The Australian newspaper’s Greg Sheridan, the plum posting of high commissioner to Singapore after the 2013 election despite him having no qualifications or experience to recommend him for the job.

And that same attitude was shown by Campbell Newman who so incensed the people of Queensland that they reversed the biggest election win in the history of the country to say piss off….enough is enough.

It is now up to every one of us to stand up to protect the country we love, to protect our children’s future, to protect the way of life our parents fought hard to provide for us.  We can no longer trust politicians (if we ever could) to do what is in our best interests.  We have to tell them no, you may not do this.  Our common wealth is not yours to dispose of as you please.

To the people of Victoria, and even more so, to you amazing Queenslanders who delivered a result no-one expected, I say thank you.  You have stood up in the first line of defence to stop the corporatization of our nation.  You have slapped down those who think wealth and power gives them the right to dictate to us, to wring whatever profit they can from us with no thought to the consequences of their greed.  I can only hope that the people of NSW show the same courage and determination to stop Mike Baird from destroying our farmland and water and gifting our public land to developers.

And to Tony Abbott, I look forward to your address to the National Press Gallery on Monday with gleeful anticipation.