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Politicians persist in plundering the planet for profit

Meanwhile, raging in the background is irrefutable evidence that we are killing our planet. We are guests, passengers on our Spaceship Earth and we have trashed it. We are, at best, vandals. But realistically, we are Kamikaze happy to die for our fossil fool emperors.

Come on Aussies, we can do better than that!

Source: Politicians persist in plundering the planet for profit

New type of poverty hurting middle class

Economic Vandalism which the taxpayer protects and guarantees won’t collapse (ODT)

The commission has heard that Australian banks have adopted actual lending practices (as distinct from their official lending policies) that claim so much household income for contract payments that borrowers are left without enough money to fund basic consumption levels: they are living in poverty.

This isn’t an accident: it is a strategic policy by banks. How much do banks think households need for daily living? According to the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority’s submission to the royal commission, banks “typically use the Household Expenditure Measure [a relative poverty measure] or the Henderson Poverty Index in loan calculators to estimate a borrower’s living expenses”.

So measures designed to capture the impacts of low incomes are now targeting financially-enmeshed middle-income households, and not as a statement of social shame, but as strategic objects of bank policy.

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