‘He’s Going To Be More Unleashed And Unhinged Than Ever’ | HuffPost Australia

President Donald Trump had been laying the groundwork for the insurrection at the Capitol for years,...
In how many ways must it be said Mary Trump is right

He’ll have some kind of rally. It will be like the victimhood rally, depending on what happens to him, but if he’s just allowed to stay there, he’ll have some kind of rally, and that will help to kick off this next phase that we’re talking about. And it’ll be like super-dangerous grievance stuff, because now that he’s out of power, he’s going to be more unleashed and unhinged than ever. I hope people are realizing that. You know, I feel bad because people want to relax, because Biden’s coming in and we didn’t even get to enjoy the victories in Georgia, and instead they have to prepare themselves, to be ever more vigilant. That feels like an argument for arresting him. Yeah. He has to be removed. For the good of everyone.

‘He’s Going To Be More Unleashed And Unhinged Than Ever’ | HuffPost Australia

Rebel, Supercheap Auto owner says it underpaid workers by $8m


Corporate Fraud and Tax Cuts money for nothing and no ICAC support from the LNP (ODT)

The retail group that owns Rebel Sports, Supercheap Auto and Macpac has admitted to underpaying workers by almost $8 million after incorrectly calculating overtime pay and allowances.

via Rebel, Supercheap Auto owner says it underpaid workers by $8m

Andrew Bolt “Nothing exitsted before me” The Bolt Report


Andrew Bolt Insists Indigenous Australians Weren’t ‘Here First’

You can watch the episode here, but if you’re not quite up to it, the relevant discussion began at around the 33-minute mark, when Bolt and Johns started hashing out whether recognising indigenous Australians in the document would divide the nation by race.


According Andrew Bolt Adelaide Universtity failure “Indigenous should not be mentioned in our constitution as they can’t prove they were here before us”


Bolt likes to say he dropped out but that sullies

the reputation of a number of good people