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‘He’s Going To Be More Unleashed And Unhinged Than Ever’ | HuffPost Australia

President Donald Trump had been laying the groundwork for the insurrection at the Capitol for years,...
In how many ways must it be said Mary Trump is right

He’ll have some kind of rally. It will be like the victimhood rally, depending on what happens to him, but if he’s just allowed to stay there, he’ll have some kind of rally, and that will help to kick off this next phase that we’re talking about. And it’ll be like super-dangerous grievance stuff, because now that he’s out of power, he’s going to be more unleashed and unhinged than ever. I hope people are realizing that. You know, I feel bad because people want to relax, because Biden’s coming in and we didn’t even get to enjoy the victories in Georgia, and instead they have to prepare themselves, to be ever more vigilant. That feels like an argument for arresting him. Yeah. He has to be removed. For the good of everyone.

‘He’s Going To Be More Unleashed And Unhinged Than Ever’ | HuffPost Australia

Trump Is Humiliated and More Dangerous Than Ever

Donald Trump walks back to a golf cart

If the veto override succeeds on the heels of his disgraceful behavior with the stimulus bill, Trump will not sit still and take his medicine. He will see betrayal on every Republican face and react like Vesuvius. There are still many ways for him to pull the building down before he’s gone, and if I know the man like I think I do, he will try every one of them before he leaves or is removed. That cramp in your stomach (and mine) is going to be there for a little while longer.

Trump Is Humiliated and More Dangerous Than Ever