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The transphobia “moral” panic – » The Australian Independent Media Network

When decent Australians allow themselves to be carried along by the wave of this moral panic, they are not defending women. What they are doing is becoming caught up on the rational-sounding fringes of a hysteria that will lead to violence.

The transphobia “moral” panic – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Top Biden health official says trans youth being ‘driven to depths of despair’ | The Hill

Religious hate has been imported directly from America for use by the “blessed” Scott Morrison. A political tool applied by his “Captains Pick” Katherine Deves in Warringah to hopefully divide the whole Australian electorate by hate, in order to squeeze a few votes from the ultra religious right, god botherers, transphobes, and homophobes hidden under rocks. Even worse, he defends this action in the guise of “free speech” and ” the defense of women”,  Single handedly Morrison has shown he’s lower than a snake’s belly and a hypocrite who speaks in tongues. Particularly when he doubles down and says  he will protect children ( LNP politicians) from any “digital trolling” if they win. Morrison has shown he’s as two faced and corrupt as any tent crusader, QAnon, or other hate-preacher,we have seen here or come out of America.

Assistant Health Secretary Rachel Levine said trans youth are being “driven to depths of despair” and committing suicide at alarming rates, during a speech on Saturday about the dangers of anti-trans laws being passed in red states across the country. Levine, the first openly transgender federal official to be confirmed by the U.S. Senate, said in a speech at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth that LGBTQ youth are being “attacked” and have “few places to turn” for help. “I want to say this very, very clearly: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer Americans are committing suicide at a rate that should shock our conscience,” Levine said during the Out For Health Conference. “Even after decades of progress, the most vulnerable among us continue to suffer … transgender women of color not only continue to be harassed, but are more likely than the population at large to suffer violence and even murder.”

Source: Top Biden health official says trans youth being ‘driven to depths of despair’ | The Hill