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The Britain Project Is the Latest Incarnation of Zombie Blairism


For two years, Tony Blair has backed Keir Starmer’s war to expel socialists from Labour. Now the Blairites are launching the Britain Project — the latest bid to create an über-neoliberal force to destroy any trace of social democracy.

Source: The Britain Project Is the Latest Incarnation of Zombie Blairism

‘Whose side are you on Tony Abbott ? Radicalizing Australians is a Terrorist Activity. Will Dutton or Brandis Remove His Citizenship? He Is Dual Passport Holder. Abbott Spits on the Supreme Court and Attacks an Australian for his Faith and Illiteracy. That’s Radicalizing Australia!!

Prime Minister Tony Abbott with Immigration Minister Peter Dutton and Attorney-General George Brandis during a joint press conference at Parliament House on Tuesday.

‘Whose side are you on?’ Tony Abbott lashes ABC’s Q&A program.