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The daggy dad’s empathy vacuum – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Has anyone noticed what an Automaton Scott Morrison is? He’s protected from real voters at every moment while hearing the call “lights, camera and action”. So much so Mr Spontaneous doesn’t even know where he is because it’s all a totally staged and move on experience. “Mr Speaker” oops, “I thought…” no Scott Morrison that’s the problem you didn’t.

“Jobs Jobs Jobs” sorry Mr PM there aren’t any knew jobs at Rheem they are downsizing their workforce by 30% and sending them to Vietnam. Your totally faking it ScaMo. Yes,Morrison is all lights and cameras and risk devoid when and wherever he goes and a AAA fake. If he does see a smile and tries to engage with a voter off script he’s surprised again and again by the disaster. They don’t fall down and bow to his Christ like appearance. He in fact runs, runs and runs away and we have seen it happen time and time again while his security just can’t stop it.

Anthony Albo Albanese walks and talks and mixes with all people, and unlike Morrison doesn’t treat any voters like a risk. He listens and answers their questions. How can we forget when Morrison was just too “busy” to meet the women demanding to speak with him in Canberra.

Scott Morrison has worked very hard on selling himself as an ordinary bloke who wears baseball caps and board shorts and thongs, a daggy dad who loves his footy and cooking curries, a good Christian family man. At least, that’s the marketing. But time and again, the veneer cracks and we see the real Scott Morrison – a power-hungry, political animal, devoid of empathy.

Source: The daggy dad’s empathy vacuum – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Scott Morrison and the dirt file he gave to Murdoch’s media to win pre-selection in 2007. Starring Sam Dastyari and Senator Fierravanti-Wells – Kangaroo Court of Australia

The Stat Dec Morrison said he’d sign, but walked back on, was never really pursued in the Main Stream Media. Yet he called for those that actually signed stat decs to be charged and prosecuted, but he “never” went to the police and issued a formal complaint. How fake and like Trump is Morrison?

Scott Morrison has in recent days accused Michael Towke of the criminal offence of lying in a statutory declaration but has not gone to the police. Why? Morrison says Towke’s allegations are “bitter and malicious slurs” and if that is the case then Towke has committed a crime and also defamed Morrison and he could sue. But Morrison is doing neither, gone to the police or sued, at this stage.

Source: Scott Morrison and the dirt file he gave to Murdoch’s media to win pre-selection in 2007. Starring Sam Dastyari and Senator Fierravanti-Wells – Kangaroo Court of Australia

Morrison’s Migration Act is cruel and compassionless

Who Scott Morrison is, and who he wants us to see him as. The Sell and the Product

The Australian Senate needs an education. The Australian nation needs to know. We must carry hearts and souls to the truth. Once in the know, the Australian people and the media can galvanise governments to do what is right — the common good, understand human rights as universal. I fight for as many as I can because I remember those who took their lives rather than be deported.

A few years ago, a 22-year-old former Iraqi refugee was to be deported. He was a young father of two living in Sydney. For alleged minor offences, he was detained at Villawood Immigration Detention Centre. One night, he was flown across the continent, away from family to Yongah Hill Immigration Detention Centre. He wasn’t supported and died by suicide. The detainees burnt Yongah Hill. I assisted the grief-stricken family. I organised their legal representation. They are suing the Commonwealth Government. But this will never bring back the young father — a life needlessly lost because of cruel policies. If there’s a Heaven, the so-called Christian-faith-based members of the Morrison Government will have a lot of explaining to do or be purgatory-bound.

Morrison’s Migration Act is cruel and compassionless