The daggy dad’s empathy vacuum – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Has anyone noticed what an Automaton Scott Morrison is? He’s protected from real voters at every moment while hearing the call “lights, camera and action”. So much so Mr Spontaneous doesn’t even know where he is because it’s all a totally staged and move on experience. “Mr Speaker” oops, “I thought…” no Scott Morrison that’s the problem you didn’t.

“Jobs Jobs Jobs” sorry Mr PM there aren’t any knew jobs at Rheem they are downsizing their workforce by 30% and sending them to Vietnam. Your totally faking it ScaMo. Yes,Morrison is all lights and cameras and risk devoid when and wherever he goes and a AAA fake. If he does see a smile and tries to engage with a voter off script he’s surprised again and again by the disaster. They don’t fall down and bow to his Christ like appearance. He in fact runs, runs and runs away and we have seen it happen time and time again while his security just can’t stop it.

Anthony Albo Albanese walks and talks and mixes with all people, and unlike Morrison doesn’t treat any voters like a risk. He listens and answers their questions. How can we forget when Morrison was just too “busy” to meet the women demanding to speak with him in Canberra.

Scott Morrison has worked very hard on selling himself as an ordinary bloke who wears baseball caps and board shorts and thongs, a daggy dad who loves his footy and cooking curries, a good Christian family man. At least, that’s the marketing. But time and again, the veneer cracks and we see the real Scott Morrison – a power-hungry, political animal, devoid of empathy.

Source: The daggy dad’s empathy vacuum – » The Australian Independent Media Network

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