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Forgotten subscriptions costing billions – Michael West

Its your pocket that’s being picked

Who doesn’t want an extra hundred bucks in their pocket each month, right? Yet Australians are on average throwing away at least that much by paying for subscriptions they’ve either forgotten about or no longer use.

Source: Forgotten subscriptions costing billions – Michael West

Slow news day: the Herald Sun falls back in the pack

Media Slow news day: the Herald Sun falls back in the pack A long-time kingpin in Melbourne print media, the Herald Sun has taken quite the tumble, falling to fourth place among News Corp’s Australian mastheads. Christopher Warren Aug 26, 2021 20 (Image: AAP/James Ross) There’s a changing of the guard in Australia’s media: long-time Melbourne circulation kingpin the Herald Sun has tumbled way down the rankings. Now, it looks like it’s not only runner-up to local competitor The Age, it’s fallen to fourth spot among News Corp’s remaining Australian mastheads. It’s the second blow to News Corp’s market supremacy, following the ABC’s leap to displace news.com.au at the top of the Nielsen Digital News Content rankings since the 2020 summer of bushfires. The Herald Sun — boasting an audited circulation over twice its competitor with 600,000 copies when it first merged back in 1990 — is down more than three-fourths, with 146,026 subscribers across its print and digital products, according to June 30 internal figures reported by the company to the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Source: Slow news day: the Herald Sun falls back in the pack

The Chaser’s war on News Corp is proving costly for the Murdoch media

Long ago, The Chaser declared war on News Corp Australia for its culture-warring, climate-change-denying ways.

Before they tricked News Corp into reporting on a fake petition about fairy bread being “cancelled”, the satirical publication’s team dreamed up a plan to help readers hit the company where it really hurts: its bottom line.

In 2019, The Chaser started cancelling subscriptions on behalf of people who were fed up with News Corp.

“Are you sick of that crotchety old billionaire Rupert Murdoch siphoning off your hard-earned cash each week?” The Chaser website asks.

“Are you sick of supporting a newspaper which gives airtime to climate deniers as the country burns down around you? Want to just cancel your subscription to The Daily Telegraph that keeps clogging up your mailbox, but can’t be arsed waiting on the phone for three hours?”

Participants use a simple web form to sign over their legal rights to The Chaser to act as a representative, who will then cancel their News Corp subscription on their behalf.

Source: The Chaser’s war on News Corp is proving costly for the Murdoch media