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The new human rights commissioner has perfect credentials (Lib, IPA, 18c)

Why is the Australian government devoid of any original strategic tactics of it’s own? Every move they make is directly from Trump’s American Republican Party the GOP? They don’t appear to have any specific tactics that are in any way Australian. They aren’t in anyway transparent but only intent on gaslighting the Australian electorate.

Yesterday the federal government quietly appointed Lorraine Finlay as the next human rights commissioner. She is a Murdoch University legal academic and human trafficking specialist with the Australian mission to ASEAN. Media releases from Attorney-General Michaelia Cash and the Australian Human Rights Commission both praised Finlay’s academic expertise and work in international human rights law. But they neglected to mention hers deep ties to the Liberal Party, as a former upper house candidate in Western Australia and president of the state’s Liberal women’s council. They also overlooked her years spent vocally taking positions that might put her at odds with the AHRC.

Source: The new human rights commissioner has perfect credentials (Lib, IPA, 18c)