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Scott Morrison Net Worth 2022, Salary, Bio, Age, Height, Wife, Children, Approval Rating – Apumone

Scott Morrison net worth

Who is Scott Morrison? Never the Daggy Dad !!

 Morrison had “urged the shadow cabinet to capitalize on the electorate’s growing concerns” about Muslims and appeal to the public perception of their “inability to integrate” to gain votes.

In February 2013, Morrison said that the police should be notified of where asylum seekers are living and that there should be strict guidelines for the behavior while they await the determination of their claims. The new code of conduct was released for more than 20,000 maritime arrivals living in the community on bridging visas.

2018 that Morrison asked for mitigation strategies to avoid granting permanent visas to 700 refugees. His office reported that there were 300 boats and 20,587 arrivals in 2013 to only 1 boat and 157 arrivals for all of 2014. The UNHCR expressed concerns that the practice may violate the Refugee Convention.

The annual refugee intake, , was reduced to 13,750, the level it had been in 2011–12. Morrison stated that “Not one of those places will go to anyone who comes on a boat to Australia […] they will go to people who have come the right way.” Morrison defended his use of the terms “illegal arrivals” and “illegal boats,” saying that “I’ve always referred to illegal entry … I’ve never claimed that it’s illegal to claim asylum.”

Morrison refused to answer questions about the status of asylum seekers or boats coming to and from Australia, often on the basis that he would not disclose “on water” or “operational” matters.

Australian Human Rights Commission delivered a report to the Government which found that Morrison failed in his responsibility to act in the best interests of children in detention during his time as Minister. The overarching finding of the inquiry was that the prolonged, mandatory detention of asylum seeker children caused them significant mental and physical illness and developmental delays, in breach of Australia’s international obligations.

In early December 2014, Morrison had the Migration and Maritime Powers Legislation Amendment  The bill gave Morrison more power than any previous minister in dealing with people seeking asylum in Australia, including the power to return asylum seekers to their place of origin, detain asylum seekers without charge, and refuse asylum seekers who arrive by boat access to the Refugee Review Tribunal.

Source: Scott Morrison Net Worth 2022, Salary, Bio, Age, Height, Wife, Children, Approval Rating – Apumone

The new human rights commissioner has perfect credentials (Lib, IPA, 18c)

Why is the Australian government devoid of any original strategic tactics of it’s own? Every move they make is directly from Trump’s American Republican Party the GOP? They don’t appear to have any specific tactics that are in any way Australian. They aren’t in anyway transparent but only intent on gaslighting the Australian electorate.

Yesterday the federal government quietly appointed Lorraine Finlay as the next human rights commissioner. She is a Murdoch University legal academic and human trafficking specialist with the Australian mission to ASEAN. Media releases from Attorney-General Michaelia Cash and the Australian Human Rights Commission both praised Finlay’s academic expertise and work in international human rights law. But they neglected to mention hers deep ties to the Liberal Party, as a former upper house candidate in Western Australia and president of the state’s Liberal women’s council. They also overlooked her years spent vocally taking positions that might put her at odds with the AHRC.

Source: The new human rights commissioner has perfect credentials (Lib, IPA, 18c)

Scott Morrison’s ‘bullets’ for protesters comment stuns Australian UN representative – ABC News

Natasha Stott Despoja speaks at World Bank wearing a white blazer.
Where the Bloody Hell are you a Morrison “Failed” Campaign

The Prime Minister’s comments were about Australians’ right to protest His choice of words, saying protesters in other countries would be “met with bullets”, drew criticismLiberal MPs have backed the Prime Minister