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Old Dog Thought – QAnon attracted America’s Evangelic Christians who helped convert Trump into a Godlike heroic figure. They believe in the myth that they are the Western world’s most persecuted religion and Scomo was going to save them here.

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Women and Warnie: the true and wondrous legacy of our most gifted sports star – Michael West Media

Shane Warne

But what is the truly wondrous thing about the Age of Warne, as it should be known? No, it’s not the glamour he attached to the art of spin bowling. His successors around the world have only proved what a one-off he was. That wonderful thing is the way cricket has grown spectacularly in popularity and participation with girls and women. It’s a pity it took 100 years. How many girls were inspired by Warne’s subtle skills? Yes, the on-field ones. For all his silly, to use the horrid word ”blokey” carry-on, all the moronic antics, he was a brilliant ambassador for the game. If miracles exist, there’s one here. Valentino would have been proud.

Source: Women and Warnie: the true and wondrous legacy of our most gifted sports star – Michael West Media

Down The Middle: The Real Reason Why Our Latest Cricket Scandal Stings (and Divides) So Much – New Matilda


We’re stripped bare. Our captain, oh captain, turns out to be a stupid little boy with the moral compass of a low criminal, enabled and not guided by a whole ship of fools. Cricket, our integrity, is what we can no longer avoid knowing, just another cheapened, commercialised, amoral spectacle presented for our consumption with a bag of corn chips and a sponsor’s beer.

There is nowhere to go from here but down. We’re going to have to find a new identity, because this one is done.

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Steve Smith booed as Australia’s humiliation capped with heavy defeat

Smith, suspended by the ICC for the final Test of the series starting in Johannesburg on Friday, won’t be seen in a Test for Australia until October at the earliest – and it is unclear in what capacity. He did not exactly get a friendly send-off.

Smith has received many a standing ovation in his spectacular ascendance to the summit of the Test arena. At Newlands on Sunday, the reception was of a very different kind.
Deposed as Australian captain less than six hours before, the 28-year-old walked to the middle of the ground at 4.12pm local time. He was booed from the moment he emerged at the top of the stairs beneath the players’ balcony until he arrived to take strike.

When, a mere 29 minutes and seven runs later, he made the same journey back, there was more of the same.

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Cricket loving anti- Zionist Jew Mike Marqusee has died.

One of our favorite guests, Mike Marqusee died last week. He appeared on This is Hell! six times, reporting on war protests, arguing with Chuck about Bob Dylan, and explaining his complicated views on Zionism, Judaism and his own religious heritage.

Here is Mike from 2008, talking about his book “If I Am Not for Myself: Journey of an Anti-Zionist Jew”

Phillip Hughes death plunges cricket into mourning

Hughes cuts on day one

Phillip Hughes has died in hospital two days after he was hit by a bouncer at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

Hughes had been rushed to hospital after he was hit in the head in the Sheffield Shield game.

He was admitted to intensive care after surgery, but was announced dead this afternoon.

Hughes had made 63 out of a Redbacks total of 2 for 136 while batting for South Australia in the match against New South Wales at the SCG.

He was hit in the head after misjudging a ball from Sean Abbott.

The 25-year-old was wearing a helmet but the ball hit him beneath the helmet. He bent over before collapsing on to the ground and was taken off the field on a stretcher.

He had been in an induced coma at Sydney’s St Vincent’s Hospital after surgery to relieve pressure on his brain.

The Stars of the South

The Stars of the South.

Our PM is an embarassment, Our Immigration Minister commits crimes against humanity,Our National Psyche has become depressed, Our sporting teams in both Cricket and rugby are being trashed we have nobody to turn to as far as the sexist media is concerned.

Credit where Credit is long due