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Joe Biden’s election hopes hinge on this key swing state

Pennsylvania where the American Dream was first laid down & now is on the verge of collapse

Pennsylvania, however, remains tighter – somewhere between 5 and 7 points for Biden. And “tighter” is not just about the poll numbers. It’s about what’s at stake: Pennsylvania, with its 20 electoral votes, is seen as a virtual must-win state for both candidates, the state most likely to decide who wins the Electoral College and, therefore, the election. It’s so important that Trump, who won the state by 45,000 votes, planned on making four stops there on Saturday. Biden, meanwhile, planned a major speech for Sunday in Philadelphia—the city where 55 prominent men gathered in the summer of 1787 to argue, drink and bargain over what became the U.S. Constitution. Be certain Biden will make a connection between those days and what’s at stake now.

Joe Biden’s election hopes hinge on this key swing state