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Pro Israel? Rupert Murdoch is a Director of Genie Oil illegally exploring in Syria’s  occupiedGolan Heights for an oil discovery believed to be bigger than the Saudi’s. Why isn’t this promoted on his global front pages? Support, however of Israel is but not it’s criminal support of terrorist groups  in that war. Why is Australia ready to jail and silence anybody talking about their criminal bugging of the East Timor governments offices simply to screw them out of oil. Commercial espionage by our government and no politicians brought to account, how did they not believe they were working on sound princples of International Crime? Even now they are doing what they can to shut any inquiry down. (ODT)

We all know what these wars have been about. Even those who don’t know the specifics can all see oil dripping from between the lines. Oil seeping from the writing on the wall. You pretty much taste petroleum in every mouthful of bullshit we are served. But soon, unfortunately, we will be feeling the crunch ourselves, rather than offshoring the destructiveness associated with our lucky country to the war-torn Middle East. We may want to blame others. We may want to jump on the US bandwagon and point the finger at Iran. But make no mistake, we are not the victims, we are minor villains in this story. Sycophants sucking up to the big boss in the hopes of maintaining our supply of crumbs. Crumbs we are willing to trade millions of lives and the fate of our world for.

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Panic buying? Begging Trump for oil? No worries. She’ll be right

A speedboat of Iran's Revolutionary Guard trains a weapon toward the British-flagged oil tanker Stena Impero, which was seized in the Strait of Hormuz on July 19.

No need to accelerate to renewables Trump will save us (ODT)

And our government is negotiating to purchase the right to some of the US stockpile, which will remain in the salt domes until we call for it to be sent our way on ships, assuming they can get here in time.

In short, if things get a bit more tricky, our choice will be panic buying at the pumps, or going cap in hand to Trump, who cares about nothing but a sweet deal … for him.

You can bet he’ll want a lot more than a pound of flesh – or the Australian military on Iran’s borders – in return.

Anyone got any old skates? It was simpler then.

Panic buying? Begging Trump for oil? No worries. She’ll be right

John Bolton Says Ultimate Goal In Venezuela Is To Take Their Oil | Crooks and Liars

On Thursday, John Bolton told Fox Business host Trish Regan the administration had the goal of putting U.S. companies in charge of Venezuela’s oil production. Because freedom!

It’s 2003 all over again, right down to the mustachioed John Bolton, who freely admitted to Fox Business host Trish Regan on Thursday night that the ultimate goal of United States activity in Venezuela is to take over their oil production — or, in simpler terms, take their oil.

Wouldn’t Koch Industries love that? After all, they’ve sued Venezuela for millions — basically calling their loans — in order to destabilize their economy and punish President Maduro, who is a terribly brutal leader, but nevertheless elected by the people in an election which has been certified.

Mike Pence, a wholly-sponsored Koch project, was instrumental in injecting the United States into Venezuelan political unrest, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

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Indonesia launches $2.6 billion lawsuit over WA oil spill | The Armidale Express

The Indonesian government has launched a $US2 billion ($2.6 billion) lawsuit against the company responsible for the worst oil spill in the history of Australia’s offshore petroleum industry.

Source: Indonesia launches $2.6 billion lawsuit over WA oil spill | The Armidale Express

Man who sued EPA 14 times on behalf of oil companies confirmed as EPA administrator

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, one of the most outspoken opponents of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is now the agency’s chief.

Source: Man who sued EPA 14 times on behalf of oil companies confirmed as EPA administrator

Animated Film Warns Our Oil-Dependent World is Headed for a Catastrophic Collapse

The Oil Alarm looks at oil’s relationship with our food to warn us how the world we have built on oil is in danger of a catastrophic collapse.

Source: Animated Film Warns Our Oil-Dependent World is Headed for a Catastrophic Collapse

Did OPEC Just Start Preparing for the End of the Oil Era? | The Nation

Sunday, April 17, was the designated moment. The world’s leading oil producers were expected to bring fresh discipline to the chaotic petroleum market and spark a return to high prices.

Source: Did OPEC Just Start Preparing for the End of the Oil Era? | The Nation

Recession, retrenchment, revolution? Impact of low crude prices on oil powers | Business | The Guardian

In an unprecedented year for the oil business, each of the major producers has its own problems. How will they react?

Source: Recession, retrenchment, revolution? Impact of low crude prices on oil powers | Business | The Guardian

Economic warfare the main Western weapon: The real reason for the drop in the price of oil is not competition between the US and Saudi Arabia or Shale vs Traditionall drilled oil.

Economic warfare the main Western weapon. 54093.jpeg

By Takis Fotopoulos….. paraphrased.

In the last few days it became clear that economic warfare is the main weapon used by the Transnational Elite,  to subordinate Russia and integrate every other country still resisting the process, e.g. Iran and Venezuela. This includes also,  the dramatic decline in the price of oil.  The induced fall in its price.

As it is well known, Saudi Arabia is the biggest producer and exporter of oil and its actions in the last OPEC meeting were decisive in bringing about the present dramatic decline in its price. As the associate editor and chief economics commentator at the Financial Times put it, celebrating the fact that Russia, Iran and Venezuela might be particularly affected (“Two cheers for the sharp falls in oil prices” was the eloquent title of his article), it was Saudi Arabia that “triggered” this dramatic event:

To sustain oil prices, Opec needed to cut output by about 1mbd. But it – or, more precisely, Saudi Arabia – has refused to do so. This has triggered the recent fall in prices”.[1]However, Saudi Arabia is not just a very important player in the oil market. It is also one of the most absolutist, politically and ideologically, regimes on Earth.

Politically, the regime is controlled, as an absolute monarchy. This fact does not prevent of course the Transnational Elite (well known for its fight for “democracy” all over the world!) to fully support this regime and to accuse, instead, Russia for absolutism!

Ideologically, almost a quarter of its population is Salafis and most of the rest are Wahhabis. The essence is that they both represent the most puritanical, (i.e. conservative) approaches to Islam.

It is therefore hardly surprising that Saudi Arabia and its ideology was enthusiastically embraced by the West, in the pre-globalization era, as a useful tool to fight Soviet influence as well as pan-Arabic socialism. This was clearly shown for instance when Saudi Arabia supported in every possible way the Salafi jihadi, who butchered the peoples of Libya and Syria and only recently stopped supporting their offspring, ISIS, when they become targeted by the Transnational Elite for attempting to follow their own line in building an Islamic State.[3]  Unsurprisingly, the methods used by ISIS, like beheading which were repeated ad nauseam by the TE media in order to terrorize Western middle classes and justify its ‘war on terrorism’, have in fact been practiced for years by its client Saudi regime, with nobody in the ‘civilized’ West bothering much about it, as long as they were able to keep expanding their highly profitable business of arms selling to the regime.

To this day, Saudi Arabia carries out barbaric executions against both criminals and political enemies, including victims accused of ‘sorcery and witchcraft’ in the aptly named, ‘Chop-Chop Square’ located in the capital of Riyadh where heads are literally chopped off by hooded swordsmen…. Saudi Arabia’s brutally repressive internal security apparatus is a creation of US advisors and operators. Its military, both covert and conventional, is also armed through astronomically large weapons sales (including a recent sale considered the largest in US history) by its Wall Street and London allies. The atrocities committed by the despotic Saud regime are directly facilitated by US advisers, operators, and arms. Saudi Arabia also hosts the US military, a sizable force until it was spread out amongst the orbiting despotic regimes of Qatar (note: see Aljazeera), Bahrain, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates.[4]

Of course, it was not just systemic economists who celebrated the dramatic fall in the price of oil, as even the upper echelons of the transnational economic elite, like the head of the IMF, found also difficult to disguise their joy in describing the impact of this event. Thus, as Christine Lagarde explained, a 30 percept drop in oil prices translates into a 0.8 percent boost in growth for “most advanced economies,” and “probably 0.6 percent for the US,” and then she went on to elaborate as follows the implications for US and Russia:

For the United States, low energy prices could help to stimulate growth to 3.5 percent next year from the October forecast of 3.1 per cent… For Russia, exports of oil and gas equate to 68 per cent of Russia’s total exports, and 50 per cent of its federal revenues. Russia has already spent almost $90 billion from its currency reserves in 2014, or 4.5 per cent of its economy to support plunging rubble that has lost more than 40 per cent from the start of the year.[5]

The Financial Times are (as usually) more frank than Western liberal “Left” papers in expressing their deeper wishes for a ‘velvet revolution’ in Russia as a result of the intensifying crisis and openly raises the question whether “Putin’s popularity can weather a perfect economic storm and “a fall in real incomes which will hit hard working class families in regions supportive of the president”.[7]

It is therefore clear that Saudi Arabia’s action in precipitating the dramatic fall in the price of oil was far from accidental. Furthermore, It was hardly motivated by a Saudi attempt to keep its dominant share in the oil market, supposedly threatened by the US shale oil production. This explanation, given by the ‘globalist’ faction within the Russian elite and the liberal “Left” in the West, was in fact an alibi used by the TE itself and the Saudis in order to disguise the real aim of this action. That is, the use of the price of oil as a highly effective weapon of economic warfare in order to force Russia and associate resisting regimes (like Iran and Venezuela) either to submit to the TE rule, or face a possibly severe economic recession (depending on how long the price of oil will be kept at very low levels) which could well lead to ‘velvet revolutions’ in all these countries and, possibly, to regime changes. The alternative “explanation” in terms of a supposed ‘war’ between S.A. and US not only “forgets” the client nature of the former to the latter.
Therefore, only the building of an economic and political union of sovereign nations like the original conception of the Eurasian Union was, which would embrace the nations all over the world still fighting the NWO. This is the only way to effectively disable West’s economic weapon, which successfully led to the collapse of USSR and threatens a similar fate today to the aspirations of the Russian people for a sovereign Russia.

Takis Fotopoulos


* The article will also be published in The International Journal of INCLUSIVE DEMOCRACY.  It was edited by John Sargis.