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The net tightens … Abetz and his German Citizenship and Renunciation | Tasmanian Times

First published July 28 My Petition to the High Court in 2010 is a record of the Abetz matter at that time, and it’s presented here with the more salient points highlighted in red and blue. In 1974…

Source: The net tightens … Abetz and his German Citizenship and Renunciation | Tasmanian Times

Abetz Mach Frei – » The Australian Independent Media Network

By Ross Sharp Liberal Senator Eric Abetz, former Minister for Employment in the Abbott Government, wee nyaff, nudnik and vainglorious shtunk, has a degree in law and a curious habit of speaking factitious nonsense on matters he knows nothing about. Starkly bereft and deficient in experience on anything resembling tangible matters of substance, oblivious to the realities of life in this, our real…

Source: Abetz Mach Frei – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Thank God for the Lord John Lord somebody needs to make sense of this lot.

Foot in mouth

I recently read an article by Miranda Divine titled ‘Why the Libs are Ruddy marvelous’. It outlines the academic qualifications of government members. It is truly impressive. They must be the brainiest bunch to have ever graced our parliament.

“For starters, there are three Rhodes Scholars: Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull, and Angus Taylor. Two more ministers have degrees from Oxford University: George Brandis QC, and Josh Frydenberg, who has the added distinction of a master’s degree from Harvard. Two other MPs also have master’s degrees from Harvard, among the seven MBAs, two MPAs and four PhDs on the government benches. Two more have masters of philosophy from Cambridge. Fulbright scholar Greg Hunt has an MA from Yale. Former WA treasurer Christian Porter has an impressive four degrees. And he’s a backbencher”.

And it doesn’t end there. Read this. She of course failed to mention that it is essentially a men’s club. Or that Brandis cannot use a computer.

Now let’s look at what a Queens College Oxford education has done for our Prime Minister:

“We just can’t stop people from being homeless if that’s their choice”.

“Jesus knew that there was a place for everything and it’s not necessarily everyone’s place to come to Australia”.

“If we’re honest, most of us would accept that a bad boss is a little bit like a bad father or a bad husband … you find that he tends to do more good than harm. He might be a bad boss but at least he’s employing someone while he is in fact a boss”.

“I think it would be folly to expect that women will ever dominate or even approach equal representation in a large number of areas simply because their aptitudes, abilities and interests are different for physiological reasons”.

Statements like the aforementioned (often embedded with religious intent)) are devoid of social empathy and are reflective of thinking that has been influenced by notions of dim-witted superiority. They are the words of a ruler not a leader. They are an indictment of both Abbott and his ministry.

They are statements of the uncaring, the intellectually barren, the cerebraly deficient, the privileged and the narcissistic elitist.

Of the born to rule with ideals of grandeur.

We are experiencing something very unique in Australian politics. A belief that lying has approval, that deception and misleading words will and can persuade the electorate to your view. A belief that there are enough people so politically naive that they will believe you. And that’s the majority of Australians.

It’s straight out of the Conservative Tea Party Handbook. This is deliberate ‘’foot in mouth disease’’ with intentional consequences. There is a pattern and they have been persuaded it works.

“Of course I would have read The Gonski Report had the dog not eaten it”.

Christopher Pyne.

Tony Abbott. Prime Minister. “I will shirtfront Putin”. “Coal is good for humanity”.

George Brandis. Attorney General.People have a right to be bigots”.

Eric Abetz Employment Minister. “Abortion causes breast cancer”.

Christopher Pyne. Minister for Education. “Uni fee hikes wont impact women because they don’t study expensive degrees like law or dentistry”.

Mathias Cormann. Finance Minister.Bill Shorten is an economic girlie-man”.

8 Months on the job ERICA BETZ is bitch’in and blaming the previous government for breaking the 12 year record. "it’s not my job to predict the future"

Unemployment surges to 12-year high at 6.4 per cent; youth jobless figure hits 14 pc

 Bats in the Belfry Moment

 The 740,000 people looking for work in this country will upload their resumes, and the app will auto-apply for 40 jobs every month, to comply with prime minister Tony Abbott’s fanciful demand. It’s a poorly disguised crack-down on people he believes are “rorting the system”.

It’s such a bad idea, even business groups are alarmed. The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry said, “what we don’t want to do is to flood the business community with a whole range of job applications just for the sake of people fulfilling their requirements.”

Those under 30 looking for jobs will get zero support from the government for six months at a time but still have to apply for 40 jobs every month.

The unemployed don’t need lectures from Abbott, they need a government that is more interested in creating jobs than counting the number of CVs being sent out. Businesses don’t want to drown in job applications, they need a government equipping the future workforce with the skills to make it easier to hire people, not harder.