Peter Dutton’s Plan For Cutting Energy Prices! – » The Australian Independent Media Network

It’s been a good week for Peter Dutton because – now that the Albanese government has announced something on energy prices – Dutton knows what it is that he’s against. For the past few weeks, he’s been reluctant to express a view on the subject in case it turns out that Labor have ruled it out and he’ll be left agreeing with them.

So what’s the big plan that the Liberals have on energy prices?

Well, from what I can work out it seems that their plan is not to cap prices and to encourage a gas-led recovery from Covid and that will mean that we’ve all got plenty of gas and…

Oh wait, that was Mr Morrison’s plan that he didn’t implement because he can’t do everything.

Let’s see… The plan now seems to be to take the restrictions off nuclear energy and in about ten years or so, we should have plenty of cheap nuclear power with a reactor in every home.

Mm, that doesn’t seem to fix the price of my next gas or electricity bill. No, I don’t think the Liberals are on a winner there, even if they’re on a winner with nice guy Pete.

The only thing that confuses me is that Dutton was so unpopular within his own party that they elected Morrison rather than let him become PM.

I guess they just didn’t know him well enough!


Source: Peter Dutton’s Plan For Cutting Energy Prices! – » The Australian Independent Media Network

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