Poor sports: how Morrison put a shark bite on the taxpayer – Michael West

Scott Morrison and Cronulla Sharks

Rugby League Rorts: how Scott Morrison funnelled millions from Commonwealth grant programs into Rugby League

Brisbane Broncos.

  • One grant contributed $21.3m of the $23.7m. Initially the “Beyond the Broncos Girls Academy” received $8.8m for a 27-month period, a small variation decreased the amount by $200,000 after 11 months.
  • A second variation then added $13m and extending the contract by 24 months. The initial grant and variations were not allocated by a tender process, instead they were direct non-competitive grants. 
  • The 1936 S23(i) Tax Act making sporting clubs tax exempt still apply to the Brisbane Broncos (Income from non-members are taxable)
  • Brisbane Broncos is a publicly listed company
  • News Corp owns 69% of the Brisbane Broncos.
  • News Corp owns the broadcast rights for NRL
  • News Corp is foreign-owned and often pays low or no taxes here.


Source: Poor sports: how Morrison put a shark bite on the taxpayer – Michael West

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