Campaign gaffe still in the headlines, say headlines | The Shovel

An election campaign gaffe has entered an incredible ninth day in the headlines, say the organisations that create those headlines.

Opinion pieces across major mastheads said it was astonishing that we were still talking about the slip up well into the second week of the campaign.

“This happened more than a week ago – that’s an eternity in politics. But yet somehow it’s still all over the news,” one report headlined ‘Why the gaffe is still in the headlines’ read.

One news outlet, which will run a special two-week anniversary lift out special about the gaffe, said it was amazing the story had persisted so long. “I’m not sure how or why, but we’re somehow seeing a new story about this nearly every day”.

The outlet will also publish a special report tomorrow called ‘How the media covered the gaffe’, followed next week by ‘How the media covered the media’s coverage of the gaffe’.

Source: Campaign gaffe still in the headlines, say headlines | The Shovel

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