Comparing the budgets — Labor cares and Liberals spend

Abbott came in like a stormtrooper yelling “the Sky was falling in”. “ditch the bitch”. It wasn’t the ALP saved us from the GFC we were the world’s best economy and Wayne Swan the best Treasurer. All while the Libs cried we couldn’t afford it. Our debt was $200bn and the media and LNP were beside themselves. Today it’s $1tn and their LNP are saying that’s fine, it’s Ok we’ve got good bones. However we need to be worried about China who we not so long ago celebrated the signing of an FTA.

Hit by their 6 year economic down turn exacerbated by the pandemic The LNP did what the ALP did to save the Nation but with a twist. They created JobKeeper which was on reflection a $50bn gift to profitable businesses and not direct gift to people who needed it the most. That coupled with corporate tax cuts saw housing become unaffordable and stock buybacks make the  market boom while the majority of ordinary Australians dipped into their savings to survive and take on multiple jobs without benefits. Meanwhile we watched wage and superannuation theft grow along with the wealth and income gaps.

Analysis of his speech showed the word “billion” appeared only once. This mention related to criticising the Liberals for losing billions by ripping up defence contracts. The word “millions” was only mentioned twice — once in relation to permanent cost of living savings for “millions of families” and once criticising the Liberals for their wasted millions on car parks that never got built. The Labor budget reply speech word cloud also showed where the emphasis of the speech was instead of cash. Labor will care about Australians. That’s a simple message that will resonate with Australians who have lived through three years of uncaring Liberal government when we needed care the most — bushfires, pandemic, flood and rising cost of living. The Liberals will paint this “care” as unaffordable, but I think Australians have worked out that it’s not economically irresponsible to “care”. Indeed, it’s reckless for society and the economy not to care.

Source: Comparing the budgets — Labor cares and Liberals spend