SA result is boost for Albanese, but he’s struggling with Kitching allegations

When the LNP Dirt Brigade can call on their MSM media propagandists to turn one tree into a forrest,  it becomes extremely evident the case of Kimberly Kitching of their level of desperation. Kitching never uttered any complaint or called for this level of publicity but the LNP’s own polls indicated Scott Morrison needed something to take the attention away from the shellacking the LNP was about to experience in South Sustralia.

Kitching’s death was weaponised for the purpose of political deflection and  gained the equivalent and undeserved front page attention the death of Shane Warne did for that purpose. It’s not that it lasted over a week but it actually kept the Labor victory in SA off the front pages. It shows the unequal battle the ALP always faces in an election but also the degree to which Scott Morrison and the Liberals have fucked up this past not 3 but 9 years.

Think of it this way: If Steven Marshall had had an unexpected victory, what would have been the reaction? People would have said it showed again how wrong polls can be. The result would have inserted a discount into assessments of Anthony Albanese’s chances. SA Labor’s win will be a psychological boost for the federal Opposition, and a further dampener on the government’s mood.

Source: SA result is boost for Albanese, but he’s struggling with Kitching allegations

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