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How is it that Dr. Wilson sounds as if she stands shoulder to shoulder with Andrew Bolt when I’m sure she doesn’t intend to? Bolt likened Greta Thurnberg to an irresponsible misguided mentally ill child. A victim of dark forces, a troll on the global landscape who gained attention and recognition for what she “isnt” and adult. In fact, she gave rise to children around the world “not knowing their place and rebelling”.

“Free Speech” let loose by technology doesn’t need policing it certainly has changed the landscape and open it up. Smashing through the once traditional cultural barriers that are there “ageism”, “gender” “Race” and “Class” are just some examples. Trolling however, is a petty issue compared to the potential benefits Twitter and Social media offer. Algorithms for profit are far more dangerous as is government control of the space. They are changing the system. The excuse that Trolls have taken over and that the space needs policing is a Duttonism. Do you cut down a forest for a tree? If the algorithms didn’t link and herd the like-minded for the purposes of profit maybe Jan 6th wouldn’t have occurred. The sideeffect of these algorithims is to put like minded peole together.

Of course “we” need to learn to cope, and learn that new process with our children but not necessarily in traditonal ways. I certainly believe our children are happier than when learning lifes coping skills in isolation because of the cultural barriers that still exist between them and their parents. How great it is for a kid to feel they are being treated as an adult an independant being rather than being told they are just a kid. They might be treated for who they are and not just a stereotype. Sure mistakes are made but can we learn anything without them? We didn’t cancel the Industrial Revolution because extended families declined and social dysfunction increased with urbanisation.

There’s a danger of throwing the baby out with the bathwater in policing the Internet, social media, and other platforms as the LNP would now like to do. They have lost the power of messaging they had with our MSM. Their grip on the message has been weakened and it bothers them. The equality of voice and communication has improved age, gender, race, class differences lessened if the algorithms didn’t simply rearrange the playing field by a design for accelerating profit.

Hopefully there’s a responsible adult somewhere in the teenager’s life who can protect and guide them through this experience. And perhaps some adults need to think a bit more deeply about risking a teenager’s well being for the sake of their notions of liberty.

Source: Who am I talking to? – » The Australian Independent Media Network

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