Public Broadband Internet Isn’t a Luxury — It’s a Necessity

The LNP wants to shut down the ABC and control the Internet because when it comes to Democracy they level the playing field. “Bias” and “Trolling” are their euphemisms for “fact-checking” and the “public auditing” of their message. A message controlled and fed to us by our over-concentrated and consolidated private media begging for the financial benefits and rewards on offer by the LNP at the taxpayer’s expense. They want MPs to be able to sue and defend themselves in defamation actions at taxpayer expense as well to be “untouchables” as if their current parliamentary privilege wasn’t enough.

They claim to be the party of “free speech” but are rather the party of privatized and commodified speech or cash for comment and they have the cash and it’s ours. They have just increased government debt from $300M to almost $1 Tr or 200% of which private media compete for a part while keeping the ABCs Budget at 1984 levels. Now they want to control the Broadband and Internet as well.

Everybody needs high-speed internet. But private corporations will never provide it. The solution: treat internet infrastructure as a public utility, funded by the public and built by union workers.

Source: Public Broadband Internet Isn’t a Luxury — It’s a Necessity