Delisting Chinese Firms From US Exchanges – Stephen Lendman

Trumpism and the drag on a nation(ODT

According to commander of US Naval Forces in Europe, Africa, and NATO’s Allied Joint Force Command Admiral James Foggo:

“NATO can no longer ignore China’s activities in Europe.” Citing no credible evidence, he falsely claimed Beijing aims to undermine the international rules-based order.

Claiming as well that it maintained peace throughout the post-WW II era ignored endless US preemptive wars against invented enemies.

Is US conflict with China inevitable — given the country’s growing prominence on the world stage while the US declines?

China pursues cooperative relations with other countries. So do Russia, Iran, and other nations the US is hostile toward.

Washington’s drive for unchallenged dominance risks unthinkable nuclear war if it pushes things too far against nations able to hit back hard in self-defense if attacked.

via Delisting Chinese Firms From US Exchanges – Stephen Lendman

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