Date For Mid-Term Leadership Coup Confirmed For Late 2017

turnbull & shorten

Uncertainty about the exact date of the next mid-cycle Prime Ministerial knifing has been laid to rest, with the overthrow now locked in for September of next year.

It follows Malcolm Turnbull’s confirmation of this year’s election date of July 2nd.

ABC electoral analyst Antony Green said it was good to finally have some certainty. “There’s been so much speculation about when the next Prime Minister would be boned, but now we know the election date, we can work forwards logically from there”.

He said we would welcome our 30th Prime Minister on the 2nd of July, and our 31st Prime Minister in the first week of Spring 2017. “That will give the Prime Minister – whether it’s Malcolm Turnbull or Bill Shorten – a good 13-14 months to settle into the job, before everyone gets bored, loses their shit, and looks for a fresh start. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited”.