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‘Operation Divide the Left’: Analysis Shows 2020 Online Disinformation Campaign Already Well Underway

2020 potential candidates

Dark Money is the scourge of American Democracy, Controlling the narratives and creating Chaos will be the American Nightmare. (ODT)

Researchers and others interviewed for this story say they cannot conclusively point to the actors behind the coordinated activity. It’s unclear if they are rogue hackers, political activists or, as some contend, foreign state actors such as Russia, since it bears the hallmarks of past foreign attacks. One of the objectives of the activity, they say, is to divide the left by making the Democratic presidential primary as chaotic and toxic as possible.

Research by the pro-democracy tech firm Guardians.ai found that Sens. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) as well as former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas)—who has not formally announced his candidacy for president—appear to be the top targets.

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Comparing Australia’s transparency and corruption with the world

Nor might we have heard of his submission to build a third childcare unit, which is a remarkable interest in children despite his ongoing and robust resistance to other children in his care receiving medical care. Perhaps his interest is not the children, one might speculate?

Nor might we hear about:

Ex-MP Bronwyn Bishop’s questionable use of helicopters;
The $443 million been given to six people in a laughably named group called the “Barrier Reef Foundation” to get rid of money that might jeopardise an “on paper” budget surplus proposal;
Tony Abbott’s enormous expenses claims, or just about any politician’s expenses nowadays;
Sussan Ley’s coincidental and very rapid decisions on the purchase of Gold Coast property while funded by parliamentary travel entitlements;
Assistant treasurer, Stuart Robert’s family company, receiving 356 Government contracts worth more than $37 million.
Or again, Stuart Robert’s elephantine internet bills;
Nationals MP David Gillespie’s postal office profits which were the subject of an unsuccessful reference by Labor to the High Court.

To have fallen to 7th to 13th on the International Transparency Index – although to over a hundred other nations we are still remarkably high – it is indicative of a systematic weakening of our democracy. We are on a downward track which our Government is responsible for. We are a lucky country compared to so many, a fact we have taken for granted.

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Dick Smith savages Malcolm Turnbull for shielding rich from tax transparency

Dick Smith says Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will be “ratting on typical Australians who pay their tax” if the Coalition goes through with plans to shield large private companies from having to disclose how much tax they pay.

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