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Trump Tweets There’s No ‘Smocking’ Gun’ To Attack Democrats | Crooks and Liars

Trump Tweets There's No 'Smocking' Gun' To Attack Democrats

And his incessant need to watch Fox and Friends and regurgitate their propaganda is not fitting behavior for any U.S. “President.”

Click here to see what Trump’s Twitter malapropisms look like as offical WH statements.

As much time as he plays golf and watches Fox News, Trump could be reading his daily briefings and learning more about the responsibilities he has, instead of acting like an angry, uncivilized and uneducated white supremacist.

 Trump Tweets There’s No ‘Smocking’ Gun’ To Attack Democrats | Crooks and Liars


Fox News reporter floats former Fox executive Bill Shine as Trump’s next chief of staff


Trump’s Love Affair With Violence

He is not refiguring the character of democracy, he is destroying it, and in doing so, resurrecting all the elements of a fascist politics that many people thought would never re-emerge after the horrors and death inflicted on millions by fascist dictators. As Gil Scott-Heron once noted in the title of his studio album, it is “Winter in America.” Actually, it is worse: It is winter in fascist America.

Trump’s Love Affair With Violence