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Medical whistleblower calling out COVID incompetence risks deregistration

Distinctly political, the Medical Board of Australia has turned its back on science, and turned to strong-arm tactics to silence any opposition to their political interests it seems. Surely, their aggression would be better directed at Murdoch Media, and others, rather than trying to bring to task a member who makes reasonable sense.

If we have learnt nothing else in the last two years, it is that public health is inextricably a political process. It is utterly outrageous that the Medical Board of Australia seems intent on trying to silence one side of this debate to protect the powerful.

Source: Medical whistleblower calling out COVID incompetence risks deregistration

Gaza and Israel’s Kidnapper’s Dilemma: Keeping a Million Children Brutalized in its dark Basement

Israel’s staccato bombardment campaigns against Gaza (2008-9, 2014, 2021) are not a war. Israel has an army, Gaza does not. Israel has a sophisticated Air Force with 581 aircraft, including fighter jets and helicopter gunships. The Palestinians in Gaza don’t have a conventional army or navy or air force, don’t have tanks or aircraft or artillery. Most of their rockets are high school science experiments (they have a handful of longer range rockets). The Izzuddin Qassam Brigades have a few tens of thousands of poorly armed and trained volunteer militiamen. If they tried to mount a conventional assault on Israel they would all be killed in an afternoon. The Asian Spa killer in Atlanta killed more people than Hamas has since the beginning of the current hostilities. The two cannot have a war because the Palestinians cannot mount a war. So if it isn’t a military conflict, what is it? It is a performance of Israeli dominance and Palestinian defiance.

Source: Gaza and Israel’s Kidnapper’s Dilemma: Keeping a Million Children Brutalized in its dark Basement

What to do about Trump’s crimes

What to do about Trump’s crimes

The only Perfect Call was Mary Trump’s and nobody seemed to meaningfully listen (ODT)

Donald Trump is personally liable for over $400 million in loans, much of it coming due within a year of leaving office. When combined with debts held by the Trump Organisation, he may be over a billion dollars in the red. Trump faces State-level prosecution and the likely exposure of many more federal crimes when he no longer controls America’s government. This may explain Trump’s refusal to concede the result of the Election and puts Trump on a collision course with the democratic reality of peacefully leaving office. The lame duck period of presidential transition, finally now in motion, is normally an uneventful period of political stagnation. Not with this president. Trump has decapitated the civilian leadership of the Pentagon, withdrawn America from the Open Skies Treaty (designed to avoid accidental military escalation) and appears to be deliberately sabotaging Joe Biden’s ability to manage the economy. Perhaps Trump’s ultimate crime will be to burn it all down as he heads for the door. With two months until inauguration, this story may be far from over.

What to do about Trump’s crimes