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Wall Street billionaires join forces to create $670b powerhouse

Brookfield chief Bruce Flatt.

Isn’t this against all investment principles that the greater the diversity of shares the lesser the risk? That there’s safety in numbers. Doesn’t this principle apply to management of investments? It wasn’t that long ago the people of America had to bail out the Chase Manhattan Bank the worlds biggest bank. Has 2008 been forgotten? (ODT)

More deals ahead

Billionaire bond trader Jeffrey Gundlach is also an indirect part of this universe. Oaktree owns 20 per cent of his DoubleLine Capital LP after spending about $US20 million for its stake in 2009.

Such constellations of billionaires are likely to become more common as the world of finance consolidates. Marks expects plenty more deals.

“The industry is continuing to drive toward concentration of greater amounts of money in fewer groups,” he said. “Strategic partnerships are going to be a theme for the future.”

Wall Street billionaires join forces to create $670b powerhouse