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The Scourge of US Imperialism Threatens WW III – Stephen Lendman

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Trump is just another White Racist Iron Fist for Judeo-Christian U.S. Imperialism and Capitalism smashing all over the world.

Trump forthrightly and proudly admitted that the United States is in the Middle East in order to steal their oil. At least he was honest about it. Unlike his predecessors who lied about the matter going back to President George Bush Sr. with his War for Persian Gulf oil against Iraq in 1991.

Just recently, President Trump publicly threatened illegal U.S. military intervention against oil-rich Venezuela. Q.E.D.

The outstanding historic examples of unlimited imperialism are the expansionist policies of Alexander the Great, Rome, the Arabs in the seventh and eighth centuries, Napoleon I, and Hitler.

They all have in common an urge toward expansion which knows no rational limits, feeds on its own successes and, if not stopped by a superior force, will go on to the confines of the political world.

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Intercepted Podcast: Vijay Prashad on the State of Imperialism

If we support this as reasonable what is the state of our politics?(ODT)

This is the former U.S. ambassador to Venezuela speaking at a Washington D.C. think tank, publicly saying that it is worth the price of lives and health and humanity of ordinary Venezuelans in order to overthrow a government the U.S. does not like. These sanctions are going to cost Venezuela $11 billion in oil revenue in 2019 alone. That amounts to nearly 95 percent of the money that Venezuela spent on the import of food and other goods last year. This isn’t targeting Maduro. Even The Economist stated the following about the logic behind the sanctions: “Mr. Guaidó and Mr. Trump are betting that hardship will topple the regime before it starves the Venezuelan people.” That’s not Chávez speaking from the grave. That’s The Economist.

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Humanitarian intervention or imperialism? Video Oxford Debate Head to head.

Mehdi Hasan challenges former French FM Bernard Kouchner on whether interventions are a facade for Western imperialism.

Humanitarian intervention or imperialism?

But can a military campaign ever be strictly humanitarian? Or is the defence of human rights just a facade for imperialist agendas?

In this episode of Head to Head, Mehdi Hasan challenges Kouchner on Western involvement in conflicts such as Mali, Libya, Kosovo and Rwanda, and asks whether France’s recent interventions mark a return to its colonial past.

In the middle of a heated exchange and when pressed by Mehdi Hasan, Bernard Kouchner agreed in part that France should apologise for its role in the Rwandan genocide. This is the first time a senior French official, and former member of the government, has made such a public admission.

Kouchner is one of the architects of the concept of the right to interfere. On the ground in Rwanda and Kosovo, the French doctor has always argued that the West has a responsibility to protect human life, regardless of international borders.

Joining the discussion are Lindsey German, convenor of the Stop the War Coalition and former editor of the Socialist Review; Barak Seener, associate fellow at the Royal United Services Institute think-tank in London and founder of Strategic Intelligentia, a humanitarian and security consultancy firm; and Hamza Hamouchene, campaigner, activist and president of the Algerian Solidarity Campaign.