2 thoughts on “Old Dog Thought- Marco Polo, and Copernicus were heretics in the days when god and the flat earthers dominated science and logic. Today its the Climate science against the interests behind denialists, Murdoch and money”

  1. Take a moment and address your ignorance before posting things like this. If, that is, you care about NOT making your side sound/read like it’s full of uneducated and easily led fools.

    Even in Galileo’s day, the majority of people understood that the Earth was a spheroid. By Copernicus’ time this was uncontested fact – except among some backward sorts who never saw a school. The issue of the time was whether the Sun orbited the Earth or the Earth orbited the Sun.

    And then there’s “Climate Change.” There’s so much crap coming out of the Warmists – and a lot of it conflated with other agendas that are profiteering off of it – that I can’t even go into most of it. Hence, I’ll stick with one thing: exactly ZERO of the Climate Change predictive models have been accurate and in EVERY case the temp has come out lower.

    So, you tell me; if this IS science, what’s the correct response to all experimentation not matching the theory?


    1. It strikes me ignorance comes at a cost the cost in your case being that the fossil fuel s crotch has actually spent over 27 times more in the past 14 years promoting what you advocate slowing government policies but not even slightly changing the direction or the consensus about the data collected for well over 75 years


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