US Dept of Education rebuffs Israel lobby demands | The Electronic Intifada

A group of protesters hold signs and Palestine flags. One banner reads We Will Not Be Silent in English and Arabic.

Israel Lobby demands any criticism be shut down in the US.  How is it that we don’t hear of the lobby’s activity here in Australia? Other than Andrew Bolt monotonously saying “I’m a friend of the Jews”when his family origins are Alsmeer the Dutch most notorious hotbed of Nazi support in WW2. On that topic Bolt is his own lobbyist and never mentions it other than it’s a place he made a pilgrimage to annually before Covid.

Civil rights experts and Palestine solidarity activists are commending the US Department of Education for not caving into demands by Israel lobby groups and lawmakers to redefine anti-Jewish bigotry to include criticism of Israel.

Source: US Dept of Education rebuffs Israel lobby demands | The Electronic Intifada

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