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Pro-Israel and pro-Palestine protesters face off as thousands march in the streets of London against the celebration of the 100th anniversary for the Balfour Declaration, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu joining the event, November 4, 2017. (Ahmad Al-Bazz/Activestills)

In the local and international media alike, these reforms are largely being portrayed as an “attack on Israeli democracy” — as if there exists an Israel that is separate from its military rule over and denial of basic rights to a civilian population for over half a century. But as the campaign to ban criticism of the occupation teaches, the true goal of the extreme right runs deeper: not only to cement its control in the political system and in all branches of government, but to establish a new political order; to take control of more land (by legalizing outposts and settlements, and displacing Palestinian communities), to deprive Palestinians of agency, outlaw their narrative and prosecute their political representation; to isolate and shame their Jewish supporters; and ultimately to criminalize any opposition to a political order of Jewish supremacy. These risks should concern liberal Jews and Palestinians alike, not in a distant future, but right now.

Source: Can Israeli documentary film survive as a haven for criticism of the occupation? | +972 Magazine

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