Dumb Ways to Buy: Defence “shambles” unveiled – former submariner and senator Rex Patrick – Michael West

ADF, defence spending

“The AUKUS nuclear submarine project will bleed the Australian Defence Force white”, on top of the billions in annual Defence spending waste

Costly failure after failure

Defence procurement is a shambles and national expenditure disgrace. Project after project blows out in cost and schedule, with some projects being cancelled all together.

Every year the Auditor-General releases a Major Projects Report into Defence’s major projects. The most recent report covered 21 projects worth $58 billion dollars. Across those 21 projects, there had been $18.5 billion in cost increases – that’s 18,500 million dollars for those that can’t easily grapple with the large amounts of money with which Defence plays.

Across those 21 projects the schedule slippage was 405 months – 34 years. A number of projects, excluding the future submarine project for the moment, have either been binned or did not meet capability requirements. They are:

  • The Multiple-Role Helicopter program – $3.8 billion wasted.
  • The Sky Guardian medium altitude long endurance attack drone program – $1.3 billion
  • The Army’s Battle Management system – a billion wasted.
  • The Spartan battlefield airlift aircraft – $1.4 billion wasted.
  • The Tiger helicopter program – another billion wasted.

That’s eight and a half billion dollars of taxpayers’ money just thrown away. That’s eight billion dollars of new capability our brave front-line Defence Force members don’t have.

Source: Dumb Ways to Buy: Defence “shambles” unveiled – former submariner and senator Rex Patrick – Michael West

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