Industrial scale cheating taking over from learning in Australian universities

Privatisation, corporatisation of, and debt creation in Australian tertiary institutes have accelerated cheating on a scale that has become the new norm. However, despite the cheating, and a degree there’s always been a far more influential alternative to success. Who you know is by far the easier path far easier than what you know or merit, and that has been clear. Its effect is an influence way before the entrance to a university. Simply take a statistical look around you. 50 k untenured, educated higher degree staff suffering short hours wage theft are employed to teach each new crop of suckers chasing a false promise. Simply ask taxi and uber drivers what they do for a living and don’t be surprised that they’re looking for a “real” job having got a degree and now doing an MBA. Meanwhile, Lachlan Murdoch, James Packer, and the Trumps having squandered billions sit at the top of the tree by no means self-made.

A PROBLEM LABELLED “industrial scale cheating” is presenting a mortal threat to universities with students now routinely commissioning a proliferating range of online services to do their assignments. Has it yet got bad enough to jeopardise learning and standards, the quality of research and ultimately knowledge itself?

Source: Industrial scale cheating taking over from learning in Australian universities

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