Old Dog Thought- I was 6 the bread and milk were still delivered by horse and cart. Now I’m 76 the Queen is dead, and 4 story buildings are flying us around but….

Murdoch presents an Australia’s Shame Andrew Bolt even brought his notes

The IPA is a hidden voice to parliament. However, they were and have never been recognised as owners of this nation or it’s first peoples. Andrew Bolt personally endows the IPA with respect and with special rights accrued. The fundamental argument Andrew Bolt puts forward is “forget the past”. Indigenous Australians like the IPA already have the opportunity of forming a united voice to parliament but because they aren’t as special or exceptional they haven’t become another IPA. In other words, 1778 was year zero in Terra Nullus Australia when history began,

Fundamentally, Bolt’s attitude boils down to the message ” if they can’t organize themselves like the white colonizers, migrants and the IPA have it’s their own bloody culture’s fault and that needs changing.” Indigenous Australians don’t need special consideration they need a good and strong dose of whitewashing, re-education, policing and their cultural poverty erased. In many ways it’s what Bolt accuses China of doing to the Uyghurs is actually his solution here.

Unfortunately, while Bolt isn’t shy of pointing out that Indigenous Australians are “different” on every social metric. He blames them for it. He has difficulty explaining the systemic aspect racism built in over 220 years that helped create and then generationally maintain that state of difference. Lack of opportunity, Quick to criticise Andrew Bolt has never offered any explanation as to how to begin to bring about systemic change to his accepted and continued racism because refuses to admit it exists. Simply put he expects Indigenous Australians to change and be more like him White. Adam Goodes was always Bolt’s worst Blackman while Eddy Betts his best. Does that hold any longer since Eddy has stood up and pointed to the racism that Bolt denies exists?

Fighting Fake News with REAL 9/9/22; Press Freedom; with News; The Fake Dutchman who wants to Colonize Australia; Trump is alive because of Democracy;

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