Tucker Carlson and Fox’s “news” side lay out white nationalist platform for the GOP | Media Matters for America

Lachlan Murdoch CEO of his family interests claims the Murdoch’s aren’t running a Trump/GOP/ Extreme Right Agenda In the US. He’s threatening to sue journalists in Australia who claim the Murdoch’s were co-conspirators in the Jan 6th riots, why? Because Australian law says he can. Even though Murdoch media’s Fox News were named apologists and even deniers that a riot had even taken place. The Murdoch’s have always denied any moral responsibility for anything their organisation does and even uses the laws of countries as a smokescreen. In fact his father Rupert Murdoch aided in breaking the laws in the UK and came close to being jailed saved only by the right-wing of the Tory Party.

News Corp’s Sky News Australia were cut off by the NZ government because they were more than eager to keep shooting the Christchurch massacre of Muslims “live”. When asked to stop they didn’t because there organisation doesn’t exist there. The Murdoch’s run their global media organisation not as a News organisation but as thugs, propagandists and influencers for sale to a narrow set of political and financial interests and are currently fighting a profitable but losing political battle. They more than anyone have lowered the bench mark for news and information in a Democracy and raised fake news as the hallmark in it’s place

Fox News prime-time host Tucker Carlson has long been at the forefront of pushing the deadly “great replacement” conspiracy theory, seeking to bring an idea from the white nationalist fringe into the mainstream of American political discourse. In the latest ominous sign, both Carlson and the network’s supposedly “straight news” programming are pushing his ideas for the Republicans’ midterm platform, a development that should raise alarm bells given the long history of Fox News controlling the Republican agenda.

Tucker Carlson and Fox’s “news” side lay out white nationalist platform for the GOP | Media Matters for America

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