Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Troubling Endorsement of Christian Nationalism Is an Urgent Threat | The Smirking Chimp

Christian Nationalism has been adopted by the right wing of the LNP in Australia and actively promoted by Peter Dutton Alex Hawke, and even Scott Morrison. These extremists have been supported in the Murdoch media by the likes of Andrew Bolt, Rowan Dean, Alan Jones and others at a time when anti-Muslim sentiment and Islamophobia were seen as politically expedient. Alex Hawke keeps trying it on now insisting Australia is a Christian majority nation when the last census showed otherwise and that well over 60%plus Australians aren’t practicing Christians at all. If Hawke is correct the LNP wouldn’t have lost the number of seats they did in the last election and Morrison’s captain’s pick in Warringah Katherine Deves wouldn’t have seen the backlash she did.

The Christchurch massacre saw these political and faux religious bigots like Bolt back off when they witnessed the results of their efforts to assist in the deaths of 51 innocent Muslims in New Zealand. The proud Aussie shooter even declared he was inspired by White Christian Nationalists in Australia who were given singular air time by people like Andrew Bolt who actively promoted their hate-speech and ideas without criticism. Morrison had no qualms in using his religious evangelistic beliefs politically against the the Separation of Powers in our Democracy just as is being done in the US and Peter Dutton will continue to do so.

Tyler describes Christian nationalism as “a political ideology and cultural framework that merges Christian and American identities, distorting both the Christian faith and America’s promise of religious freedom.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Troubling Endorsement of Christian Nationalism Is an Urgent Threat | The Smirking Chimp

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