“So Oskar Was Guilty Of Genocide: He Regrets It Now… ” – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Still the media have taken on board one thing. Throughout the campaign we were told that we didn’t know who Albanese was, even though he’s one of the longest serving politicians held a number of portfolios and spent some time in the position of Deputy PM. They must have done some soul-searching and realised that they couldn’t let that happen again, so there are lots of pieces on the new opposition leader, even before he’s elected, and they all seem to be telling us that the man we thought we knew is just a creature of fiction… No, not the one from the Harry Potter series because that’s making fun of his appearance and he can’t help that. No, the Peter Dutton that intervened agains department advice to allow a couple of au pair girls to enter the country now wants to be assured that the government is following department advice by letting a family with Australian born children stay here. I mean, imagine how the flood gates will be opened if all people have to do to get to stay is find another refugee to marry, have kids, make lots of friends in their local community, get dragged out of bed in the middle of the night, spend years in detention, have a child get dangerously ill and liv

Source: “So Oskar Was Guilty Of Genocide: He Regrets It Now… ” – » The Australian Independent Media Network

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