AR-15s Were Made to Explode Human Bodies

A paratrooper crouches behind rocks as he signals to members of his squad to form a defensive perimeter after it was hit while leading a patrol near Duc Pho, 330 miles northeast of Saigon on June 5, 1967. The patrol of the 327th regiment of the 101st airborne division took some casualties, but then drove off the enemy in a short-range rifle fight. Paratrooper holds the AR-15 -- a modified version of the M-16 automatic rifle. AR-15 has a collapsible stock, shorter barrel and a flash hider. (AP Photo)

He Did Not Act Alone

Salvador Ramos, strode into a store and bought two AR-15s the week before the attack, an apparent birthday gift to himself. Anyone paying attention gets that the ease of purchase for such weapons — which are frequently used in mass killings — is an indication of how deep the gun problem in America runs.

Source: AR-15s Were Made to Explode Human Bodies

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