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One thing we can be assured of Anthony Albanese isn’t Scott Morrison. Another he hasn’t the production team Morrison has and he doesn’t simply arrogantly say “I’m not answering that” or avoid questions altogether. Albanese is the man you can trust to try to answer every question put to him providing the ALP’s distinguishing difference if not the nuanced details.

With Morrison you can’t as there are no details. He wines, dines, and hosts the commercial mainstream media. Corporate leeches whose business model, “ratings”, depends on him, his government’s generosity, and Morrison being the central white knight for their consumer audience’s attention. It’s a codependent quid pro quo relationship rather than an Independent one as is that with the ABC.

By and large it’s a supportive rather than a critical marriage. The ABCs relationship is more investigative and less able to be manipulated by Morrison. As a consequence, Morrison avoids it like the plague. Particularly so during this election.

Albanese, the ALP on the other hand are the targets of the gotcha questions in the constant hunt for a front-page criticism. Sensationalism for the widest public,to curry Morrison’s favor, improve their bottom line and all in plain sight delivered in the guise of balanced News. Newscorp and Skye no longer even bother to hide the fact that cash for comment is their business.

Scott Morrison is asking the Australian people “Who do you trust?” – a gutsy approach from a man who has earned the sobriquet ‘Liar from the Shire’.

Do you trust the man who draped his arm around his leader, grinning innocently as he proclaimed “I’m ambitious for this guy” whilst his backroom boys were organising a coup?

Do you trust the man who left the country in flames to sip cocktails poolside in Hawaii, had his office deny it, and then excused it by saying he doesn’t hold a hose, mate?

Morrison claims he is the better economic manager. This was initially based on false claims of having delivered a surplus. Instead, we got the first recession in thirty years and debt levels unprecedented outside of wars.

After having said “governments don’t create jobs, businesses do”, Morrison is now claiming credit for creating 1.9 million jobs since they were elected in 2013.

Between September 2013 and February 2022, Australia’s population increased by 2.7 million people so that growth in jobs is basically just population growth.

Morrison also claims credit for an unemployment rate of 4%.

Antipoverty Centre analysis of ABS and Department of Social Services data shows that while the unemployment rate has not been this low since before the global financial crisis in 2008 when it was also 4%, the proportion of working-age people who rely on an unemployment payment has nearly doubled – from 3.3% in mid-2008 compared to about 5.9% today.

Source: “Who do you trust?” asks the Liar from the Shire – » The Australian Independent Media Network